Webinar: Why Do Old Places Matter?

Thank you to everyone who joined the Smart Growth Information Clearinghouse as we hosted our first webinar. Below, you will find the full presentations from our webinar speakers.

Inspired by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s series of essays exploring the role that historic places play in everyday life, this webinar examines the fundamental and pragmatic reasons that old places are good for people. Join three international historic preservation experts as they discuss how old places give people a sense of continuity and identity, fill their lives with beauty, creativity, lifelong learning, and foster community, and in turn, how these seemingly intangible elements make a powerful contribution to smart growth’s goals of community revitalization, sustainability and economic development.

The FREE spring issue of the Forum Journal offers more articles on this theme, with scholars from various disciplines writing about why old places matter. Their perceptive articles will inspire you to reflect anew about why we work to save old places. From Max Page’s article “Why We Need Bad Places” to Eric Nathan’s thoughtful comments on creativity and old places, this journal will encourage you to think and talk with others about why old places matter to you.


Tom Mayes’s Presentation: Why Old Places Matter

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Mike Powe’s Presentation: How Character-Rich Buildings and Blocks Offer Solutions for More Sustainable Cities

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Don Rypkema’s Presentation: Economics of Historic Preservation: Recent Lessons

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Q & A