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Forget Flying Cars: We Need Floating Ones

​ Waterways like rivers, lakes, and canals were the original interstates; most of the world’s greatest cities were harbor towns that were able to capitalize on their access to shipping. Well into the early 20th century, urbanites got around on water. In most cities, however, the rise of trains and cars, the development of more extensive bridge networks, and the general emphasis on terrestrial mass transit caused a steep decline in ferry ridership. Many intra-urban passenger ferry networks were out... Read more

How Rowers Got Cleveland to Rethink a River

When you think of rowing, you don’t normally think of Cleveland. Yet, Clevelanders are rethinking the Cuyahoga River — and rowers deserve some of the credit. The attention they’ve helped to shift toward the river has helped spawn the creation of a riverfront park, spurred economic development in an empty industrial area of Cleveland, and helped change the regional consciousness that the waterways in Northeast Ohio are fundamental assets and not just where chemical and toilet waste get flushed into. Read... Read more

4th National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium, Nov. 16-19

The National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium (NWWWS) provides a forum for stakeholders from across the U.S. to connect and showcase innovative, successful and timely solutions to waterfront and waterway issues.​ The Symposium will be held November 16-19 in Tampa, Florida. Register Now View Agenda... Read more