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Future of Global Waterfronts Is More Mixed Uses, Cleaner Air and Water

Waterfront management is one of the most pressing issues that any city near a substantial body of water can confront. Judith Rodin, president emeritus at the Rockefeller Foundation, delivered the event’s keynote address, noting that since that foundation’s Resilient Cities initiative began in 2013, 80 percent of the participating 1,100 cities have identified water as a significant vulnerability. The cities have also recognized that traditional methods of handling the issue are inadequate.​ Read more... Read more

Wichita Art Project Brings Fresh Look at the River

Ty ​Tabing’s, a citizen of Wichita, solution is “ArkArt,” a series of artist installations on the river that he hopes will draw curious visitors and inspire conversation about new ways the city might use the waterway and riverfront. Read more... Read more

Buffalo Centers Revitalization Dreams on Waterfront

​ Tree-lined streets, solid housing stock, a renewed interest in pedestrian and bicycle transportation, investments in people and buildings, and an enthusiasm for the future make “The City of Good Neighbors” a city to watch. Although a shrinking city — Buffalo reminds us that legacy cities are too valuable to pass by. Read more... Read more

Rediscovering the Potential of Urban Riverfronts

​In the past few decades industrial waterfronts and their latent natural features within cities are being rediscovered. Areas that were once an eyesore are being reborn as city planners, activists, business leaders and philanthropists band together to revitalize aging industrial lots and paved over features into beautiful community parks and greenways that are reconnecting people to their rivers and waterways. Read more... Read more

W. 73rd Street Underpass Brings New Access to Cleveland’s Greatest Asset: Lake Erie

​Cleveland has been criticized for not making the best use of perhaps the city’s greatest natural asset: Lake Erie. That is beginning to change with the opening of the W. 73rd Street underpass, which connects the Detroit Shoreway with gems like Battery Park, Edgewater Park and the Lake Erie coast. Read more... Read more

Chicago Riverwalk Is More About Seeing Than Being Seen

Along Chicago’s Riverwalk, the space on the blocks between each bridge are divided into water-level “rooms,” and three of the six rooms — Marina Plaza, The Cove and The River Theater — opened in the spring. The project has taken what was an uninviting industrial waterfront and turned it into an enticing public space. Design goals included giving the Chicago River back to the public. Boats can easily dock along the riverfront, and when the final phase is completed, it... Read more
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