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CNU 25

​At the 25th annual Congress in Seattle, CNU will celebrate the last quarter-century of New Urbanist accomplishments and pivotal moments—while looking forward to the future of building sustainable, equitable, livable places. Learn more and register... Read more

Seattle’s Transportation Transformation

​ For people using mass transit, new services in Seattle have come in quick succession. The city’s first modern streetcar opened in 2007. Light-rail service began operating in 2009, and the first RapidRide route started service in 2010. In 2016 alone, a second streetcar line was launched, and three additional light-rail stations opened, increasing ridership by 75 percent. Seattle residents have voted to tax themselves for urban transportation three times over the past three years. The virtuous circle, however, really... Read more

Seattle’s Epic Saga Over an Unfinished Trail May Finally Be Over

​The Burke Gilman Trail is a 19-mile former rail line turned multi-use trail that runs west to east from the shore of Puget Sound all the way to the top of Lake Washington in Kenmore, a Seattle suburb. It is the most heavily trafficked trail in the city, popular with commuters and sport cyclists and runners and dog walkers and everyone in between. It’s taken nearly two decades of planning, environmental impact review, lawsuits, appeals, protests, political deal making and... Read more

New Seattle Landfill Doubles as Eco-Friendly Community Hub

Seattle’s newest garbage transfer station is likely to be much more popular than your typical dump. The transfer station, which opened this week and replaces a former one on the same site in the Fremont-Wallingford area, is surrounded by a park with exercise equipment, a playground and public art. From the outside, the North Transfer Station looks more like a community center than a dump. Read more... Read more
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