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Advancements in measuring bicycle and pedestrian accessibility

Measures of destination accessibility by automobile and transit are growing in use. Yet measures of bicycle and pedestrian accessibility have taken longer to implement, largely because of added complexities and data deficiencies. People on bikes and on foot are much more sensitive to the types of facilities available, exposure to nearby traffic, and other factors for which there isn’t always good data. Join People For Bikes, Toole Design Group, and State Smart Transportation Initiative to learn how these challenges are... Read more

Millennials Prefer Walking to Driving, So Housing Market is Changing

​Millennials prefer walking over driving by 12 percentage points, according to a new poll conducted for the National Association of Realtors. They want to live within walking distance to shops and restaurants, and have a short commute to work. Nearly half of Americans surveyed said they would prefer to live in neighborhoods that have small yards but are in easy walking distance to stores and restaurants, versus neighborhods with large yards but where driving is required to get to amenities.The... Read more