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Can Spending Money on Trails and Density Grow Tech Jobs in St. Louis County?

A greenhouse that's part of the Danforth Plant Science Center (Laurie Skrivan / The St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
The amenities and density that often help attract a highly educated workforce are somewhat lacking in a suburb developed when planners thought of little more than accommodating cars. Now, area leaders are planning trails and connections to food and entertainment, attributes many believe are necessary to continue attracting the top-notch scientific talent that drives biotech investment. Read more... Read more

Webinar: Integrating Art, Culture and Imagination into Walkability

This webinar will re-image various street fixtures and places together, and share examples on how underutilized or abandoned streets and spaces have been transformed into interactive parklets, Open Street events and pop-up events by incorporating the element of human interaction. Presenters will show you how adding music can change the way people respond to subway stairs, and many more examples of how adding “fun” to the streetscape can modify people’s behavior and encourage them to be more active. Register now... Read more

Webinar: Healthy Cities in the Era of Climate Change

Many of the actions we must take to mitigate climate change—reducing fossil fuel use; promoting walkable, bikeable cities; supporting sustainable, local agriculture—offer significant benefits for public health. Join SSF, Island Press and the Urban Resilience Project for a webinar that will explore the possibilities for “win-win” solutions to climate change and health. September 19 from 1:15 – 2:45 p.m. EST. Register now... Read more

Diet From Design: How City Planning Can Prevent Obesity

Mixed use development, a model of city design that addresses obesity through incentivizing healthy behavior. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)
Initiatives to curb obesity are plentiful, but a strategy based in the discipline of city planning merits particular attention. The concept is mixed use development, a model in urban design where the physical layout of a city – the streets, roads and built structures – is composed of numerous interconnected, pedestrian accessible neighbourhoods, each containing a range of services or functions people would normally travel for. Read more... Read more

Los Angeles Sidewalk Repair Program Could Restore City’s Public Stage

(Credit: Flickr/Waltarr)
While many variables are necessary for a vibrant, healthy, walkable city, one obvious necessary factor are accessible and safe sidewalks – something that the city of Los Angeles hasn’t particularly been known for. Despite a welcome but modest recent city-owned sidewalk repair program, the rate of sidewalk repair has not changed much in recent years. A 2015 Los Angeles Times analysis found that 40 percent of sidewalk damage complaint cases received no repairs, and that the city estimated nearly 5,000... Read more
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