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Will Cafes in Shipping Containers and a Pop-Up Park Bring Life to Desolate Omni West?

If there’s one thing not lacking in the western reaches of Miami’s desolate but very-slowly-coming-to-life Omni district, it’s vacant land. So a city agency, neighborhood activists and the Pérez Art Museum Miami are collaborating to put some of it to good use right away. Their plan: to create a pop-up park on seven acres of state-owned land. Read more... Read more

Older, Smaller, Better in Tucson: Measuring How the Character of Buildings and Blocks Influences Urban Vitality in a Southwestern City

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Green Lab used statistical analysis and spatial modeling to measure the impact of older, smaller fabric on the performance of Seattle, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. This report brings that methodology to a new location: Tucson, AZ. A collaboration with the city preservation office, this report shows the role that older buildings play in a strong local economy and thriving street life. Learn more... Read more

Planning for Transportation Together: Collaborating to Address Transportation and Economic Resilience

Across the nation, state agencies and regional planning and development organizations are working together and with other partners to create jobs, improve access to employment, education, and essential services, and to advance quality of life in communities and regions. This report from the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) presents case studies that demonstrate how state agencies and regional planning and development organizations are working together on deliberate interventions to produce tangible benefits that are specific to the context, are... Read more

Webinar: Placemaking is Economic Development

After years of economic decline, Michigan’s cities needed rebuilding, but officials knew they had to take a new approach if they wanted their communities to be economically sustainable. Recognizing the potential of placemaking to attract and retain talented workers and businesses, Michigan is using strategic placemaking (combining the tools of smart growth and new urbanism) to target places and accelerate revitalization. In this webinar, experts will explain how strategic placemaking and broad stakeholder participation is improving the quality and amount... Read more

How 4 Cities Are Using Manufacturing to Build Equitable Economies

A new report called Prototyping Equity, released by the Equitable Innovation Economies Initiative (EIE), argues that supporting manufacturing can help cities solve a myriad of entrenched issues. Cities that make bolstering a “new breed of makers” an imperative can help kickstart new companies and create job in communities and neighborhoods left out of previous economic development initiatives. Read more... Read more

Vancouver Is Making Vibrant Public Spaces Out of Back Alleys

Over 200 of Vancouver’s downtown blocks are bisected by an alleyway, but only one of those alleys — or “laneways” as Vancouverites call them — has a foosball court. As of last week, the alley that runs behind West Hastings Street between Seymour and Granville has been reimagined as a gathering space, the first of three alleys in a $200,000 pilot project. Responding to a need for more and more diverse public spaces, the West Hastings alley has been newly... Read more
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