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How to Fix Traffic Forever

Join Wendover Productions in exploring some seemingly obvious, but surprisingly effective, innovations in traffic control. From congestion pricing to diverging diamond interchanges, these systems effortlessly increase the flow of traffic and minimize the potential for collisions. Increasing the number of lanes is not the answer. Learn more... Read more

Modern Road Design in 7 Words: Cities Aren’t the Hoses, They’re the Gardens

​If our big goal as a city was to keep the most water flowing, then designing streets to maximize volume would be the obvious solution. And in fact, that’s how traffic engineers have traditionally thought of traffic, as cars circulating like blood through arteries. Just like cholesterol clogging arteries, congestion was seen as inherent vice. A lot of money, public space, and social resources were spent on unclogging our streets to maximizing the “flow” of cars. For cities to keep... Read more

How In-Town Development Produces Less Traffic Than You Might Think

New research shows that ITE rates overestimated vehicle trips by an average of 2.3 times in the morning peak-hour period and by 2.4 times in the evening peak-hour period. In other words, smart growth projects generated, on average, less than half the amount of traffic that standard engineering estimates had predicted. In this article, Kaid Benfield says that people’s reactions to proposed new development should be based on best-available data, not worst-case fears. Read more... Read more