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11th University Transportation Center Conference: Rebuilding and Retrofitting the Transportation Infrastructure

Join the Transportation Research Board to learn about maintaining and extending the useful life of the nation’s legacy transportation infrastructure, such as bridges, ports, railways and roads; building and rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure to provide safe and efficient transportation options for all users; and deploying innovative technology and design approaches that will allow the nation to maximize use of its transportation assets. There is a fee Washington D.C. Learn more and register... Read more

Advancements in measuring bicycle and pedestrian accessibility

Measures of destination accessibility by automobile and transit are growing in use. Yet measures of bicycle and pedestrian accessibility have taken longer to implement, largely because of added complexities and data deficiencies. People on bikes and on foot are much more sensitive to the types of facilities available, exposure to nearby traffic, and other factors for which there isn’t always good data. Join People For Bikes, Toole Design Group, and State Smart Transportation Initiative to learn how these challenges are... Read more

Transitioning Building Design to a Future of Compact, Driverless Cars

​Compact driverless electric cars will usher in many changes in U.S. urban centers, from how cities are designed to how real estate is developed. Curbside parking may disappear. Parking spaces will be narrower. Therefore, parking garages and parking lots will be converted to other uses. Read more... Read more
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