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Anchorage Faces Tough Choices in Bus System Redesign

Anchorage (David Weekly / Flickr)
Tradeoffs in Anchorage’s bus system redesign boil down to two basic sacrifices: maximizing geographic coverage versus maximizing ridership, and designing a complex system versus a connected one. With either redesign, some passengers would need to travel farther to reach a bus stop than they now do, and fewer people would have easy access to any transit at all. But in the denser parts of the city, buses would arrive every 15 or 30 minutes, instead of hourly, as they do... Read more

How Transit Agencies Are Prepping for the Next Big Storm

A Cambridge, Massachusetts, station stands idle last February after a snowstorm shut down the railways. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)
Of all the safety risks that could threaten public transportation, a recent survey of transit officials found that after collisions, extreme weather events were their second-highest concern. Conducted by the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida, the survey asked respondents about the most common types of extreme weather their agencies experience, their perception of future risk and how their organizations are preparing and responding to the threat. Read more... Read more

Vancouver’s Multi-Modal Success Story

Bike lane in Vancouver, Canada (Screenshot from Streetfilms)
By Streetfilms Perhaps one of the best transportation stories of 2016 comes from Vancouver, B.C. where they have achieved a 50% sustainable mode share (bike, walk, transit) a full four years earlier than goal (2020). Long traditionally a region that prides itself on transportation options and rejecting the freeway movement in the 1960’s and 70’s (still the only major city in North America that boasts no freeways within its core) what Vancouver has done is set an impressive goal to... Read more

Car-free in Cleveland: Letting Go of the Wheel of the Personal Vehicle

A bicyclist commutes on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge in Cleveland, OH (Marvin Fong / he Plain Dealer
Cleveland was ranked the best U.S. city in which to be car-free by USA Today this year. The ranking, which was presented as a top 10 list, was designed as a guide for visitors looking to forgo renting cars while traveling. However, being car-free in Cleveland as a resident is a different experience than that of a tourist. When it comes to the day-to-day reality of living, working and playing in Cuyahoga County, it can be a challenge to get... Read more

What $2.8 Billion Could Do for Atlanta Transit

Atlanta MARTA Station (Source: NextCity)
November 8 was good for U.S. transit. Voters in Los Angeles, Seattle, Columbus, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Spokane and elsewhere passed ballot measures to fund or expand service in their cities and counties. In Atlanta and the surrounding county, voters approved two major measures to fund MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) expansion, the Atlanta BeltLine rail and trail corridor, and other bicycle and pedestrian projects. Read more... Read more

How Transit Fared in the 2016 Election

In San Francisco, voters passed two propositions to support transit service expansion. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
In the election, there were a litany of important local, regional and state issues up for a vote including an unprecedented number of transit-related ballot measures. Voters in cities and counties around the U.S. decided on nearly $200 billion in transit funding, the most in any single election in the country’s history. To get a sense of what this trend means moving forward, here’s a look at the 10 largest transit-related ballot measures around the country and what they will... Read more
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