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The Train Line That Brought the Twin Cities Back Together

Less than three years since the Green Line opened, it has smashed ridership forecasts by almost 50 percent and helped to revitalize stretches of University Avenue, an aging, formerly car-dominated thoroughfare, as new businesses open near the stations and longtime businesses attract new customers. Transit-dependent low-income and working-class people are commuting to jobs across the metro area, while new housing for professionals is springing up in an old industrial area. And the Twin Cities aren’t done. Read more... Read more

5 Tips for Mayors Looking to Build Better Public Transit

​A new report from TransitCenter, an NYC-based foundation dedicated to improving transit, outlines what’s worked for mayors and other city officials trying to improve public transportation, and offers advice for other cities that want to follow in their footsteps. While it serves more as a toolbox than a prescriptive guide, here are some of the main takeaways. Read more... Read more

As Bus Ridership Declines, Transit Experts Make The Case For All-Door Boarding

Bus ridership is in decline in some of America’s largest cities. The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) and TransitCenter recently co-authored a white paper outlining their idea for improving buses and, in turn, increasing ridership again. They say every transit agency should adopt all-door boarding on their buses and do it as soon as possible. Read more... Read more

Could a Subtle Tweak to Metro’s Map Fix Overcrowding on the Blue Line?

With Metro’s most recent SafeTrack shutdown, Northern Virginia riders are finally doing the thing that Metro has been asking them to do for years: They’re switching from the historically overcrowded Blue Line to roomier Yellow Line trains. But will these riders stick with their new commuting routes? One urban planner thinks a tweak could help. Read more... Read more

First LEED Certification for Transit Worldwide Launched

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) announced a new LEED green building rating system pilot designed to address the unique needs of transit systems around the world. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will be the first metro in the world to pursue the pilot, LEED v4 O+M: Transit, for their metro stations in Delhi NCR and other states in India. Read more... Read more

Anchorage Faces Tough Choices in Bus System Redesign

Tradeoffs in Anchorage’s bus system redesign boil down to two basic sacrifices: maximizing geographic coverage versus maximizing ridership, and designing a complex system versus a connected one. With either redesign, some passengers would need to travel farther to reach a bus stop than they now do, and fewer people would have easy access to any transit at all. But in the denser parts of the city, buses would arrive every 15 or 30 minutes, instead of hourly, as they do... Read more
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