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Auto-Centric Suburb Considers Making Developers Pay More for Transit, Walking

Montgomery County, Maryland, is considering changing how it measures the transportation impact of proposed development, focusing — for the first time — on how accessible new buildings would be to transit rather than how many vehicles they would add to roads. Planners propose focusing on how many jobs would be reachable within a one-hour walkable transit trip of a new development, rather than the amount of traffic it would generate. Read more... Read more

Integrating Affordable Housing into Plans for Transit-Oriented Development

Every community has different standards for transit-oriented development, but the ULI Los Angeles discussion offered a compelling roadmap for developers and planners around the United States. To attract support—and funding—a development must offer more than simply new shops and access to a Metro stop, speakers said. Transit-oriented development must ultimately address how the city can provide housing affordable and attractive to the next generation. Read more... Read more

How Los Angeles Is Planning for More Transit-Oriented Development

Los Angeles’s primary focus in recent years has been a rapid expansion of light rail. But the added transit service has done little to ease L.A.’s traffic congestion, which remains among the worst in the country. Moving forward, the transit system is looking more at “transit-oriented communities,” and searching for new ways to connect and reach the people living in the single-family communities surrounding the city center. Read more... Read more

Webinar: Facilitating Historic Preservation through Transit-Oriented Development

Join the Transportation Research Board for the release of a new Guide to Facilitate Historic Preservation through Transit-Oriented Development. Speakers include the project’s research investigators as well notable developers who are leaders in historic preservation in infill Transit Oriented Development. This webinar will provide useful tools for transportation planners, historic preservationists and anyone interested in this topic. Register now... Read more

Rail~Volution Conference

Rail~Volution is the place to engage in discussions with change makers and influencers, share ideas and breakthroughs, frustrations and inspiration, about building livable communities with transit. Join the conference to connect and expand your network with leaders in the public transportation, transit-oriented development, placemaking and community development fields.October 9 – 12 in San Francisco, California. Learn more and register... Read more

How TOD Is Fueling Growth in Southern Dallas

Southern Dallas, which was physically and economically separated from downtown after the construction of Interstate 30 in the 1960s, is undergoing a renaissance focused on transit-oriented development (TOD). Dallas-based developers are focused on revitalizing the “wrong side of the highway” with adaptive redevelopment of historic buildings and new construction of hotels, apartments, lofts, offices, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. Read more... Read more

If You Build It, Will They Have to Leave?

A team of researchers at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs has created an interactive mapping tool to help community leaders better understand the effects of new light-rail and subway projects and related developments — especially on low-income communities. Researchers view the project as a resource to help communities and policymakers identify the pressures associated with development and figure out how to take more effective action to ensure that new construction isn’t always accompanied by current residents being priced... Read more
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