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Can Spending Money on Trails and Density Grow Tech Jobs in St. Louis County?

A greenhouse that's part of the Danforth Plant Science Center (Laurie Skrivan / The St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
The amenities and density that often help attract a highly educated workforce are somewhat lacking in a suburb developed when planners thought of little more than accommodating cars. Now, area leaders are planning trails and connections to food and entertainment, attributes many believe are necessary to continue attracting the top-notch scientific talent that drives biotech investment. Read more... Read more

Ambitious Proposal Would Make Chicago River the City’s New Backyard

A mixed-use development on a vacant lot and a new pedestrian bridge create a neighborhood destination and transit hub at 31st and Ashland near Bubbly Creek (Credit: Ross Barney Architects)
Chicago’s lakefront is a triumph of city planning — the preservation of the city’s chief physical asset for use by the public instead of by factories and wealthy, private homes. It’s the city’s front yard. Until recently, the Chicago River has not received the same loving attention. But in the past 20 years, that perception has changed dramatically, with a series of improvements through public and private development. Read more... Read more

2016 Recreational Trails Program Annual Report

This Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) report documents how States use Recreational Trails Program (RTP) funds, highlights program funding, administration, and the RTP Database; and illustrates eligible project types along with project examples. Read report... Read more

Sustainable Trails for All Workshop

This two-day, in-depth, field-oriented workshop will provide you with information on the Federal Trail Accessibility Guidelines that were released in September of 2013. This workshop will help you understand the guidelines and will provide an overview of the techniques and hands-on skills needed to build sustainable hiking trails that provide enjoyment for all. Whether you work with an existing trail or are contemplating a new trail, this conference is for you! October 12-13 in Greenfield, New Hampshire. Learn more and... Read more
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