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How to Fix Traffic Forever

Join Wendover Productions in exploring some seemingly obvious, but surprisingly effective, innovations in traffic control. From congestion pricing to diverging diamond interchanges, these systems effortlessly increase the flow of traffic and minimize the potential for collisions. Increasing the number of lanes is not the answer. Learn more... Read more

Towson High Student Boosts Traffic Calming Effort Near School

At least four traffic-calming speed humps will be installed on Aigburth Road in Towson, Maryland this spring, in large part due to the effort of one Towson High School sophomore, who gave the project a much-needed push forward out of a sense of civic duty. The student walks to school, as do many of her classmates, and the speed of traffic moving along Aigburth, which runs past a rear parking lot and entrance to the school, struck her as dangerous.... Read more

The Urban Design Lesson Hidden in Blizzard 2016

​ Winter storm Jonas dumped epic amounts of snow on the East Coast. All that snow’s done a fair bit of damage to the region’s transportation networks, but it also delivered an unexpected bonus for urban design advocates that value pedestrians over cars. The natural path of snowplows in the storm’s aftermath has created a network of what some call “sneckdowns”—a somewhat natural version of an urban design feature that proponents say can make city streets safer and more pleasant.... Read more

Fixing Rainier Avenue

​ What is the most dangerous road in Seattle, perhaps in all of Washington State? It’s Rainier Avenue South, which runs 8.5 miles through South Seattle. Rainier used to be part of State Highway 167, and it still acted like a freeway until recently, when it was put on a road diet to slow it down. The pilot project lowers the speed limit to 25 MPH, and takes Rainier from four lanes to two, with a center turn lane to... Read more
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