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Growing Up: New Guidelines Promote Child-Friendly Density

​ The City of Toronto is creating new planning guidelines to ensure that high-density communities better meet the needs of children. Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities initiative provides new guidelines to promote more youth-friendly development. The newly released draft plan lays out the City’s priorities, with policies addressing urban well-being at three scales: the neighborhood, the building, and the unit. Read more... Read more

Grey to Green Conference

This interdisciplinary conference is the leading forum for designers, policy makers, manufacturers, growers, landscapers, and other green infrastructure professionals to discuss the benefits and growth of the green infrastructure industry. Grey to Green also includes a trade show, cutting-edge workshops which include tours of outstanding Toronto projects, and networking events. Learn more and register... Read more

Complete Streets Forum, Oct. 1

The Complete Streets Forum is committed to moving the complete streets dialogue forward with emerging research, current challenges and inspiring success stories. The program is organized into two tracks (foundational and advanced) in the following themes: 1) Plan It, 2) Build It, and 3) Ensuring that “They Will Come.” Join the Forum on October 1 in Toronto. Learn more... Read more