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The Key To Healthier Living In North Texas Might Be Better Urban Planning

Klyde Warren Park's accessibility via multiple modes of transporation and heavy programming make the urban park an active space. (Kan_Khampanya / Shutterstock)
When it comes to combating health problems like obesity or diabetes, most people think it’s the responsibility of doctors and nutritionists. But urban planners, architects and engineers play a role as well. The way a city or a building is planned can encourage people to walk more and be healthier in their everyday lives. Read more... Read more

Changes in Landscapes and Buildings Could Help Fight Flooding

Using pickaxes to dig a hole at the Woods of Shavano for a rain garden aimed at retaining stormwater and reducing pollutants that reach the Edwards Aquifer (Ray Whitehouse / The San Antonio Express-News)
A curbside garden filled with native plants that attract and feed bees and butterflies. Roofs covered with plants that slow the flow of water. Barrels and tanks that collect the rain pouring off rooftops. Water quality experts believe that these types of landscape and design features, known as low-impact development, or LID, are both an important part of solving San Antonio’s problems with environmentally degraded waterways and flooding, particularly as the city continues to grow. Read more... Read more

PastForward 2016

PastForward, a conference of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is the premier educational and networking event for those in the business of saving places. This year, attendees will be energized and challenged as they consider the role preservation can play in securing more healthy, sustainable, just and attractive cities during the 50th anniversary celebrations of the National Historic Preservation Act. Register now... Read more

Pedestrian Deaths Spike in Houston, Spurring Calls for Better Urban Planning

Pedestrians in Houston (Melissa Phillip / Houston Chronicle)
At least 71 pedestrians in Houston were killed by cars as of Oct. 31, according to Houston police – a tally already 31 percent higher than the total for all 2015, with two months still remaining. Urban planners say this year’s surge in deaths may be driven by millennials’ preference to walk and senior’s reliance on travel by foot. Advocates and planners said the city needs to work more on safe streets by building sidewalks, narrowing lanes, encouraging safe speeds... Read more

NADO Annual Training Conference

Join your peers from around the country for the 2016 NADO Annual Training Conference. Sessions will cover a variety of topics including CEDS planning and implementation, supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses, workforce development initiatives, community outreach and engagement strategies, new trends in economic development, and more. Learn more and register... Read more

Rerouting the Trinity River

The project is focused on creating walkable neighborhoods and links to parks. (Credit: Trinity River Vision Authority)
An ambitious 13-year-old plan could transform downtown Fort Worth, Texas, by creating a 1.8-mile channel off the Trinity River. The channel, which has not yet been dredged and still awaits federal funding, is the centerpiece of the $900 million development that combines flood control with the city’s dreams of creating a new urban district. The project will create more than 12 miles of developable waterfront and provide a city infamous for urban sprawl the chance to reshape its future. Read more... Read more
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