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The Promise and Challenges of Automated Technologies Webinar

​Industry-leading experts from Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s Center for Vulnerable Road User Safety, and Charles River Analytics will share the latest in connected and automated technologies, and describe the challenges and potential for improving pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility through these innovations. A facilitated discussion will follow. Learn more and register... Read more

“Smart” Bench Gathers Data to Help Urban Planners meet Public’s Needs

Landscape designers, who design public spaces, now have the help of the smart bench. The bench collects data from individual’s ID associated with the Wi-Fi enabled device, so that if they visit the park again it will know that they are not a new visitor. This allows the designers to know when new or returning visitors are frequenting the park and therefore can appropriately schedule public park events. Read more... Read more

China’s ‘Dockless’ Bike Sharing Could be Coming to a Street Near You

Chinese companies are rolling into the U.K., the U.S. and beyond, aiming to supplement existing bikeshare programs with their fleets of colorful bikes that don’t need docking stations. ​These bikes can be locked and unlocked anywhere via a smartphone app, which means users don’t have to return them to designated stations. Read more... Read more

Smart Cities Promise a New Way of Living

About a 20-minute light-rail trip northeast from downtown Denver and nestled on the edge of Denver International Airport, a prototype for the technologically transformed urban neighborhood of the future is just starting to take shape. Panasonic, which chose Denver out of a list of 22 finalists for the site of its technology center, hopes to turn Peña Station Next into both a proving ground for smart-city technology and a template for other real estate projects. Read more... Read more

App-Based Solutions for an Integrated Transportation Network

​App-based solutions hold enormous potential to help foster an integrated transportation network. Join the Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) for a webinar to learn more about transportation apps and how they can support the growth of transit and shared mobility. Leading public and private-sector experts will offer real examples of new app-based solutions and discuss how they are helping to foster more integrated transportation networks, from fare integration and trip planning to multi-modal travel and mobility-as-a-service initiatives. Register now... Read more
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