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Art-Filled Skatepark Opens in Detroit

​Cities from Barcelona to Houston are starting to treat skateparks as community-builders rather than community-aggravators. Now, Detroit is the latest city to benefit from a new downtown skate park. A 4,000-square-foot privately funded park and art installation designed by skateboarder Tony Hawk and artist Ryan McGinness opened Tuesday. Read more... Read more

The AARP Pop-Up Demonstration Tool Kit

​Inspiring livability advancements are taking place in tiny villages, sprawling suburbs and large city centers. But permanent, large-scale changes can be difficult to launch. That’s why pop-up demonstration projects — temporary bike lanes, protected intersections, crosswalks, parklets, sidewalk cafes, plazas, benches, street trees and more — are such valuable tools. When it’s possible to illustrate a new idea through the temporary pop-up installation or demonstration, a proposal or desired enhancement can be more quickly understood, supported and achieved. The AARP... Read more

New Design Guide Helps Planners Hack Tactical Urbanism

Literature on and toolkits for tactical urbanism have proliferated over the past decade, but the Street Plans Collaborative — authors of the popular book Tactical Urbanism: Short-term Action for Long-term Change — felt there was still a need for nittier, grittier guidance. The group’s new 132-page online publication, “The Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Materials and Design,” dives into the details of pop-up urbanism: when to use tape or paint or chalk, how to choose the right materials for temporary barriers,... Read more

DIY Urban Planning is Happening All Over the Country. Is It Only for White People?

As cities across America undergo a revival, their denizens are bursting with practical ideas to improve their neighborhoods, and they feel empowered to try them out. This spirited flurry of “city hacking” has opened the lid on the wonky discipline of urban planning and is starting to change the fabric of people’s daily lives. But since many cities also contend with stark inequality, it’s worth asking who these fixes are intended for and how this new spirit of engaged urban... Read more

Sample a Pop-Up Plaza in Boston’s Downtown Crossing

A few simple touches can go a long way in turning an otherwise drab piece of concrete into something fun. Boston is taking a tactical approach to improving an extra-wide intersection in Downtown Crossing by temporarily giving it a little bit of love to showcase its potential. This pilot is a test-run for the city to gauge how well an actual plaza might do in that location and what kind of an impact it might have on foot and car... Read more

Six U.S. Cities will Join Tactical Urbanism Workshop Series

Is the dawn of “Tactical Urbanism” upon us? This approach to reshaping urban environments, which focuses on small-scale interventions, is a rising trend in urban environments across the U.S. Now six cities have been chosen to be part of a tactical urbanism workshop series. Akron, OH; Austin, TX; Fayetteville, AR; Long Beach, CA; Washington, D.C.; and West Palm Beach, FL were the lucky half-dozen who will be part of a series that aims to “jump-start” tactical urbanism. Read more... Read more

Tactical Urbanism Means Smart Growth in Northwest Arkansas

​ Many Fayetteville, Arkansas, drivers face traffic and congestion every day. The city wants to help improve quality of life and save taxpayers money by using tactical urbanism, or inexpensive temporary projects that aim to make a small part of a city more lively and enjoyable. Residents could see things like crosswalks painted by local artists or parking spaces turned into miniature parks. Fayetteville is one of just 6 cities nationwide chosen to participate in the program and city leaders say... Read more
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