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Designing Sustainable Landscape Projects

This award is intended to support the work of Designing Sustainable Landscapes project. The project will involve customizing applications of Designing Sustainable Landscapes products for partners; evaluating the effectiveness of Natures Network components in conserving ecosystems and wildlife habitat, if protected; and revising components of Natures Network based on feedback from the partnership. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) Applications due August 4. Learn more... Read more

New Asheville ‘Tiny House’ Zoning, Other Ideas for Density

​Increasing housing density is one key way to fix the city’s affordable housing problems, but there are rules and other barriers keeping people from building on available land. Possible fixes include creating special zoning districts for “‘tiny homes,” allowing more duplexes or apartments in “multifamily districts” and looking into why few people — if anyone — have taken advantage of the 2010 sustainable development rule that allows more units if sustainable practices are used. Read more... Read more