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Nature City Forum

​NatureCity Forum, a full day exploration of green infrastructure with designers, practitioners, planners and advocates. The day will include local, regional and national case studies, as well as tools and research on the planning and implementation of green infrastructure for climate resiliency, community building, human health and ecological benefit. Come add your voice to this day long exploration and discussion. There is a fee. Baltimore, MD. Learn more and register... Read more

New Report: Unlocking Private Capital to Finance Sustainable Infrastructure

​ When two large storms knocked out an estimated $200 billion in economic value within a week, critical gaps in our infrastructure preparedness were laid bare. Experts consulted for the series citing Houston’s unimpeded development as a principal factor contributing to the region’s high exposure to flood risks. Learn more... Read more

New Atlanta Planning Book Takes Cue From Martin Luther King Jr.

​Atlanta is projecting astronomical growth over the next 20 years, and the city has a new book intended to guide population growth by considering everything from affordable housing to traffic congestion. Equity is the overriding goal, and the guide is built around the idea of the “Beloved Community,” discussed by Martin Luther King Jr. in a 1957 sermon called the Birth of a New Nation. Read more... Read more

U.S. Cities Can Help to Achieve Worldwide Sustainability Goals

​If the five biggest U.S. metros were all countries, they’d be among the top 30 largest national economies in the world. The New York City metro area would be the 10th largest global economy, Los Angeles metro area would be 18th, and Chicago would be 22nd. When you take that into consideration, it starts to make sense that U.S. cities could themselves contribute a lot toward global aims like the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more... Read more

TOD Corridor Course – Sequencing for Implementation

​The Transit- oriented development (TOD) Corridor Course webinar series presents the concept of TOD and the different tools, concepts, and strategies used to apply TOD at the corridor level. Developed in partnership with the World Bank, this eight module course identifies TOD as a strategy for cities to become more sustainable, competitive, and socially inclusive. Learn more and register... Read more
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