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Busting the Myth of the “Scofflaw Cyclist”

Bicyclists are often seen as reckless daredevils who flout the road rules that everyone else faithfully upholds. But the results of a massive survey published in the Journal of Transport and Land Use point to a different conclusion — everyone breaks traffic laws, and there’s nothing extraordinary about how people behave on bikes. Read more... Read more

Why Bother with Community Engagement?

Community engagement is a required component of planning projects. Some planners take a “check the box” approach and others go out of their way to hear from the public. An informal survey at the American Planning Association National Conference asked what motivates planners to go the extra distance on outreach. The most common answer wassome version of, “It gave courage to our elected officials.” There’s a great deal of insight packed into this answer. Read more... Read more

Survey of 50 U.S. Cities Sees Benefits of Historic Preservation

Created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Green Lab, the Atlas of ReUrbanism examines more than 10 million buildings of all ages, scoring urban areas by the median age of buildings, the diversity of ages in an area, and the size of buildings and parcels. According to the report, areas with only new buildings are less likely to promote entrepreneurial activity, density, and diversity than areas with a mixture of new and old. Places with older, smaller buildings... Read more

Partner Spotlight: ICMA

Founded in 1914, ICMA, the International City/County Management Association, advances professional local government worldwide. The organization’s mission is to create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional management to build sustainable communities that improve quality of life. ICMA provides services, research, publications, data and information, peer and results-oriented assistance, training and professional development to thousands of city, town and county leaders around the world. ICMA works in a variety of practice areas, and has focused on sustainability in recent years. ICMA recently released two reports, Evaluating the... Read more

Millennials’ Transportation and Housing Choices Will Shape the Nation

​Businesses across America are watching the millennial market closely. They should. Millennials have already exerted their influence in many ways. Their transportation preferences could point to a long-term shift in the way Americans commute to work, do errands and socialize. And their mode of travel is already influencing their choice of where to live. Read more... Read more

U.S. DOT Safe Routes to School/Walkability Checklist

​Everyone benefits from walking. Benefits include: improved fitness, cleaner air, reduced risks of certain health problems,and a greater sense of community. But walking needs to be safe and easy. Take a walk with your child and use this checklist to decide if your neighborhood is a friendly place to walk. Take heart if you find problems, as there are ways you can make things better. Learn more... Read more

AARP Sidewalks and Streets Survey Tool

​Too many communities in the United States are designed for automobile travel, with very little consideration given to the needs of walkers. A scarcity of sidewalks, the placement of sidewalks too close to roads and a lack of maintenance are all factors that discourage people from walking. You can help make walking safer by conducting a walk audit, as well as by teaching or encouraging others to do the same. Learn more... Read more
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