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St. Louis Tears Down Abandoned Homes to Absorb Rainfall

​About 1,000 of St. Louis’ delinquent properties are expected to face the wrecking ball to create more green space to absorb rainfall. The move will help the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District comply with a court order to cut sewer overflows. Doing so means the sewer district must reduce rooftops and pavement in areas where rain overwhelms its system. Read more... Read more

2017 New Partners For Smart Growth Conference

The New Partners Conference will draw a national audience of people from diverse disciplines, all committed to building safer, healthier and more livable communities everywhere. The theme for the 2017 conference is “Practical Tools and Innovative Strategies for Creating Great Communities,” underscoring a stronger emphasis on implementation tools and strategies, and new technologies that will help communities now. February 2-4 in St. Louis, Missouri. Learn more and register... Read more

Can Spending Money on Trails and Density Grow Tech Jobs in St. Louis County?

The amenities and density that often help attract a highly educated workforce are somewhat lacking in a suburb developed when planners thought of little more than accommodating cars. Now, area leaders are planning trails and connections to food and entertainment, attributes many believe are necessary to continue attracting the top-notch scientific talent that drives biotech investment. Read more... Read more

Study: Is St. Louis Making the Best Use of Economic Tax Incentives?

The St. Louis Development Corporation commissioned a study last year looking at its use of economic development incentives. It found that over a 15-year period, the city spent $709 million with its two major incentives, tax increment financing and tax abatement. The big take-away was that two-thirds of those incentives were spent in a handful of neighborhoods. Read more... Read more

New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Call for Session Proposals

The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference takes a multi-disciplinary approach to implementing smart growth principles to help build safer, healthier, more economically viable, transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly communities across the nation. The conference will be held February 2-4, 2017, in St. Louis. Session proposals due July 5. For more information To download a flyer to share... Read more

Old North St. Louis: Sustainably Developing a Historic District

​Beginning in the 1950s, the once-thriving neighborhood of Old North St. Louis, Missouri, experienced decades of disinvestment and abandonment. The Old North St. Louis Restoration Group recently hosted a three-day workshop that engaged residents, stakeholders, city officials, business owners, and community members to refine goals and explore options for redevelopment. This report documents the outcome of that process and provides a comprehensive vision for sustainably redeveloping Old North St. Louis. Learn more... Read more
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