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Five Transformative Mixed-Use Projects in the Southeast

Developers note that mixing uses in a project complicates the design, limits financing options, and requires intricately choreographed timing, making such projects much more challenging. Yet mixed-use developments add a vitality to cities that is hard to match with single-use buildings. A panel at the ULI Carolinas Meeting in Charlotte featured five developers describing some of the most dynamic mixed-use developments in the Southeast, as well as the complexities, quirks, and outstanding characteristics of their projects. Read more... Read more

9 Lessons in the Beautification of Livable Cities from Charleston’s Former Mayor

Charleston, South Carolina’s answer to gentrification has been truly investing in affordable housing; that’s the short version of former Mayor Joseph Riley’s message to open the 24th annual Congress for the New Urbanism in Detroit. When Riley first took office, affordable housing in Charleston was obligatory and ugly. Riley’s philosophy: “If people can see it, then it has to be beautiful.” It’s a fundamental principle of social justice and one that guided the mayor’s 40-year tenure. Here are a few... Read more

Multifamily Housing Developments with Retail Reduce Traffic, Increase Tax Revenue for Cities

As the Charleston metro region grapples with explosive population growth, one expert warns that policies limiting denser housing developments could hinder efforts to create more affordable housing. The South Carolina Community Loan Fund tends to support high density developments, simply because it provides more bang for the buck. Overall, the projects are less expensive to develop, and they provide a better range of housing opportunities for various level of income people. Read more... Read more

Charleston Can Stack Wealth by Stacking Stories, Consultant Says

Charleston County, South Carolina, could boost its wealth by building taller, high-density structures. Charleston County has 1,081 properties taller than three stories, about 0.7% of the total number of properties. But those buildings produce nearly 10% of all of the county’s wealth, according to Joe Minicozzi, a principal at real estate consulting firm Urban 3 LLC, who presented findings of an “economic MRI” of the region during the Tri-County Housing Summit. Read more... Read more

Amazing Place: Six Cities Using the New Recipe for Economic Development

​This Smart Growth America report looks at how six cities are using smart growth and placemaking strategies to gain a competitive edge. Case study examples – Boise, ID; Denver, CO; Greenville, SC; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; and Pittsburgh, PA – represent a diversity of geographies, locations, population sizes, industries, and development challenges, but all of these cities are using smart growth development to attract new companies and residents. Read report Watch the recording of the webinar to learn more and get... Read more

Land Transaction Could Help Okatie River Preservation

​ In Beaufort County, South Carolina, officials are working through a plan to purchase 111-acre parcel of land near the Okatie River that was previously slated for development. The town of Bluffton must end the development agreement and rezone the property as a preserve district. If the sale is ultimately approved, there are plans to connect the parcel to the nearby Okatie Regional Preserve with a series of publicly accessible walking trails. Read more... Read more