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Nashville Mayor Wants Quick Fixes for Transportation Woes

Nashville’s population is booming, and all that growth is putting a serious strain on Nashville’s formerly free-flowing streets. In an effort to make good on campaign promises to improve transportation, Mayor Megan Barry released an action agenda in late May outlining projects she wants to accomplish in her first term in office. Moving the Music City includes plans for improving bus frequency, building bike infrastructure, sidewalks and crosswalks, and implementing Vision Zero strategies. Read more... Read more

When It Comes to Walkability, Mexico City Is Miles Ahead

Mexico City is a city of wide sidewalks and integrated bike lanes, lush parks and cool street tree canopies, and dense, mixed-use urban neighborhoods. As a matter of fact, nearly every neighborhood within Mexico City’s giant ring road—the Circuito Interior—has a walkscore above 95. Many major U.S. cities lack even one neighborhood with such a high score. Even on the outer fringe of Mexico’s sprawling Distrito Federal, neighborhoods often have walkscores upwards of 70, qualifying as “very walkable.” What makes... Read more

Now This is How You Design a Freeway Underpass

Like most places in the U.S., the Silicon Valley city of Campbell made a big mistake a half-century ago. Transportation planners located State Route 17 so close to Campbell’s historic downtown that it sheared the picturesque streets off from the surrounding neighborhoods. This was fine for cars, and awful for everyone else, who now had to duck into a dark, dirty, dangerous hole. This week, a smart redesign of Campbell’s busiest underpass revealed a well-lit path fringed with public art,... Read more

Los Angeles Sidewalk Repair Program Could Restore City’s Public Stage

While many variables are necessary for a vibrant, healthy, walkable city, one obvious necessary factor are accessible and safe sidewalks – something that the city of Los Angeles hasn’t particularly been known for. Despite a welcome but modest recent city-owned sidewalk repair program, the rate of sidewalk repair has not changed much in recent years. A 2015 Los Angeles Times analysis found that 40 percent of sidewalk damage complaint cases received no repairs, and that the city estimated nearly 5,000... Read more

New York’s Sidewalks Are So Packed, Pedestrians Are Taking to the Streets

​While crowding is hardly a new problem in the city, the sidewalks that cemented New York’s reputation as a world-class walking city have become obstacle courses as more people than ever live and work in the city and tourism surges. Commuters, along with throngs of shoppers and visitors sometimes bring swaths of Lower Manhattan to a standstill. Transportation officials are taking measures to alleviate the congestion. Read more... Read more

Lower Manhattan Wonders What to Do When the Streetscape Gets Full

​Over the last 15 years, the number of residents in Lower Manhattan has nearly doubled from 34,420 in 2000 to its current 69,500. And while that influx has helped make the neighborhood the sort of lively place that families want to live in and tourists want to visit, it’s also making the streets and sidewalks a little crowded. Locals want to figure out how to better use public space to maintain a healthy pedestrian environment for stroller-pushing families, tourists and... Read more
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