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Need a Ride in Farm Country or in a Distant Exurb? How One Company Wants to Help

Getting a ride around town from a Lyft or Uber is common for urban dwellers. One company is trying to see if that model will translate to rural America. The goal of ride-sharing service Liberty Mobility Now is not to replace existing public transit systems or taxis, but to “fill in the gaps” and also build a customer base among passengers with special needs and pairing them with drivers trained to meet those needs. Read more... Read more

Parking Spots Are Still Hot Property, But Ride-Sharing Is Changing That

​Thanks to the rise of on-demand ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, the need to have a car (and a parking space) is lessening even for daily commuters. A recent study found that in 7 of 11 cities including New York, Washington D.C., and San Francisco, commuting to and from work using UberPool was cheaper than owning and driving a car. Read more... Read more

Webinar: Building an Equitable Transportation System with Shared Mobility

Shared mobility holds enormous potential to help meet the mobility needs for underserved populations that are too often left behind in the planning process. Join the Shared-Use Mobility Center for a free webinar to learn how to use shared mobility to address these important mobility issues. Presenters will discuss emerging best practices that cities are using to help address transportation equity needs in their communities. The webinar will also cover ways that transportation and policy experts can use SUMC’s Shared... Read more

Webinar: How to Use Shared Mobility to Build First/Last Mile Connections

Join the Shared-Use Mobility Center for a free webinar to learn how to use shared mobility to address first/last mile issues and increase access to public transportation. Presenters will cover emerging best practices that cities are using to leverage shared mobility to build first/last mile connections. The webinar will also cover ways that transportation and policy experts can use SUMC’s new Shared Mobility Toolkit. Register now... Read more

Webinar: Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit

The ability to conveniently request, track, and pay for trips via mobile devices is transforming transportation mobility options. A report for the Transportation Research Board examined the relationship between public transportation and shared modes. This webinar will focus on several of the report’s key findings. The presenters will also discuss the opportunities and challenges for public transportation as they relate to technology-enabled mobility services and potential actions that public agencies may take to promote cooperation between public and private mobility... Read more

Private Mobility, Public Interest: How Public Agencies Can Work with Emerging Mobility Providers

Private Mobility, Public Interest is a report for public-sector leaders committed to making it easy for their citizens to get where they want to go. The report identifies actionable short-term opportunities for today’s transit agencies and municipalities to work with emerging mobility providers. This report is an independent analysis built on a foundation of more than 100 interviews with industry representatives from the public and private sectors. Read report... Read more

No, Uber’s Not Going to Replace Buses, But It Can Complement Them

In a new report, “Private Mobility, Public Interest,” TransitCenter deflates some of the hype surrounding ridesharing services while laying out several opportunities for productive collaboration between public transit agencies and private mobility providers. Despite what you may have read, none of these services will replace transit — at least not buses and trains that move large numbers of people. But that doesn’t mean they can’t help transit agencies improve service, diversify their offerings, and operate more effectively. Read more... Read more
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