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3 Rivers Wet Weather Sewer Conference

​The variety of sessions that are planned for you this year will cover the gamut of wet weather topics, including updates on the region’s progress, lessons learned locally and nationally, and where Pennsylvania is headed as they continue their steady momentum in attacking this complex issue.There is a fee. Monroeville, PA Learn more... Read more

Greener City Streets Aren’t Just About Traffic. They’re About Rainwater, Too.

​When you think of city streets, chances are you think of them as a transportation network, carrying cars, buses, pedestrians and cyclists to their destinations. But these vast stretches of pavement are also key components of cities’ stormwater networks. Streets cover about a third of the land in cities; these surfaces don’t allow water to soak through them, which means they can alter the natural flow of rainwater. City streets collect, channel, pollute and sometimes even speed along water as... Read more

A 21st-Century Cleanup for Pittsburgh

​The most livable city. The next Portland. Among the top 10 cities to visit. Best food city. Pittsburgh has been on an ever-increasing number of best-of lists in the past few years. One list you won’t see it on, though, is cleanest water or best river life. It’s time to change that. Pittsburgh must fix its sewer overflow problem using equitable, progressive policy and technology to maintain its accelerating march toward becoming one of America’s premier cities. Read more... Read more