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Nature Conservancy Accepting Proposals for School Gardens

​The Nature Conservancy is working to promote environmental education through the creation of Nature Works Everywhere gardens. The core principle behind the Gardens program is that gardens model conservation science on a relatable scale. The program empowers students and teachers to work together to create and implement their own solutions to environmental challenges in their communities. Applications due November 3. Learn more and apply... Read more

Pennsylvania Cities Find Creative New Uses for Old School Buildings

Shifting demographics, diminishing resources, and the costs of maintaining large and aging facilities have all contributed to the steady stream of school closures in Pennsylvania — even when those buildings had historic backgrounds and architectural importance. Conversion into residential space is the most common fate of old school buildings in Pennsylvania. Read more... Read more

Achieving Multimodal Networks: Applying Design Flexibility and Reducing Conflicts

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released this new planning and design resource on Achieving Multimodal Networks: Applying Design Flexibility & Reducing Conflicts. This report will help practitioners address topics such as intersection design, road diets, pedestrian crossing treatments, transit and school access, freight, and accessibility. Read report... Read more

Fixing Our School Facilities: An Essential Combination of Education and Infrastructure Policy

​ We can argue all day about the role of government in our economy, but there are two areas where that role is widely agreed to be essential: education and public infrastructure. Well, there’s a great way to roll those roles together: a deep investment in the quality of our public school facilities. Read more... Read more

The Not-So-Secret Secret About Growing a Healthy City

It may not have as much placemaking pizzazz as a new bike-share or downtown arts district, but unless a city prioritizes basic service, people will not want to build roots in it. From safe drinking water to solid public schools, brass-tacks urbanism is the not-so-secret secret about growing a healthy city. Read more... Read more
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