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San Francisco Is Redesigning City Hall Plaza Into a Space for All

​San Francisco has planned a slate of new initiatives to transform UN and Civic Center Plazas, and the spaces between them, with inclusivity as a specific goal. Design alone cannot be expected to solve social problems, but thoughtful design can be a part of the solution. Read more... Read more

3 Success Stories Show How to Apply Road Safety Through Public Health Plans

​The idea of linking Vision Zero and public health came about because according to US standards if 30,000 people died each year from a curable disease, that would be considered a public health crisis. However, when there are the same number of deaths in avoidable traffic accidents, they’re treated very differently. Because of this, the network states that an “urgent health framing and a public response” are necessary for these deaths to be dealt with accordingly. Read more... Read more

Growing Value through Creative Placemaking

Creative placemaking, led by arts and cultural considerations, helps shape not only the physical character of a place, but also its social character. Creative placemaking, done well, can deliver high value to its stakeholders, including the community, developers, and public and private partners, as evident in three very different real estate developments: a transit-oriented, mixed-use development project in Washington, D.C.; the redevelopment of a blighted building in San Francisco; and a neighborhood revitalization effort in Macon, Georgia. Read more... Read more

Rail~Volution Conference

Rail~Volution is the place to engage in discussions with change makers and influencers, share ideas and breakthroughs, frustrations and inspiration, about building livable communities with transit. Join the conference to connect and expand your network with leaders in the public transportation, transit-oriented development, placemaking and community development fields.October 9 – 12 in San Francisco, California. Learn more and register... Read more
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