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An Industrial Shell Becomes City’s Gathering Place

​At the turn of the millennium, the 26-acre Pearl Brewery in San Antonio was abandoned and desolate—a collection of empty buildings and pavement with only five trees. Now the ambitious Pearl Brewery Redevelopment is an economic and social powerhouse, drawing an average of more than 10,000 visitors to events weekly, including 3,000 shoppers at a farmer’s market. Thirty locally run businesses thrive in the district, which is known for its restaurants. Read more... Read more

Changes in Landscapes and Buildings Could Help Fight Flooding

A curbside garden filled with native plants that attract and feed bees and butterflies. Roofs covered with plants that slow the flow of water. Barrels and tanks that collect the rain pouring off rooftops. Water quality experts believe that these types of landscape and design features, known as low-impact development, or LID, are both an important part of solving San Antonio’s problems with environmentally degraded waterways and flooding, particularly as the city continues to grow. Read more... Read more

Bracing for a Tidal Wave of Growth in San Antonio

The question isn’t if San Antonio will grow, but how prepared the community is to handle it. Over the next 25 years, another 1.1 million people will live in Bexar County. They will drive cars, buy homes and choose school districts. With that growth will come incredible challenges. There will be more homes, more cars, more sprawl and more congestion. How will San Antonio manage future growth? Read more... Read more

NADO Annual Training Conference , Oct. 15-18

Join your peers from around the country for the 2016 NADO Annual Training Conference. Sessions will cover a variety of topics including CEDS planning and implementation, supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses, workforce development initiatives, community outreach and engagement strategies, new trends in economic development, and more. October 15 – 18 in San Antonio, Texas. Learn more and register... Read more