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Towson High Student Boosts Traffic Calming Effort Near School

Towson High School (Larry / Flickr)
At least four traffic-calming speed humps will be installed on Aigburth Road in Towson, Maryland this spring, in large part due to the effort of one Towson High School sophomore, who gave the project a much-needed push forward out of a sense of civic duty. The student walks to school, as do many of her classmates, and the speed of traffic moving along Aigburth, which runs past a rear parking lot and entrance to the school, struck her as dangerous.... Read more

Dangerous by Design 2016: A Conversation About the Most Dangerous Places to Walk in the Nation

(Source: Smart Growth America)
Where is it most dangerous to be a pedestrian in the United States? On January 10, 2017, Smart Growth America will release Dangerous by Design 2016, their flagship report about the American epidemic of pedestrian deaths. The forthcoming research will identify the most dangerous places in the nation to be a pedestrian, and will examine who is most at risk of being struck and killed by a car while walking. Join this webinar to learn more. Register now... Read more

Portland Lays Out Plan to Eliminate Traffic Deaths

A bicyclist and traffic navigate through downtown as the first winter storm of the season hits Portland on Dec. 8 (AP Photo/Don Ryan)
It’s been a bad year for traffic deaths in Portland. Just last week, in separate incidents on the same night, drivers hit and killed two people walking on SE Division Street, a busy arterial. Their deaths bring the Oregon city’s 2016 traffic fatality total to 40, the most for Portland since 2003 and slightly more than the 20-year average of 36 annual traffic fatalities. Portland hopes to get that number of traffic deaths to zero by 2025, with their Vision... Read more

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Narrow Traffic Lanes Make Cities Safer

Traffic in Tokyo Reveals Narrow, Safe Traffic Lanes. (Raphael Desrosiers / Flickr)
A long-standing belief among transportation planners and engineers is that wider traffic lanes ensure safe and congestion-free traffic flow. Recent academic research shows that wider lanes are more dangerous than narrower lanes. To further investigate how cities are stacking up against the existing evidence, the Health and Road Safety team of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities decided to compare typical lane widths in selected global cities with reported traffic fatality rates. Read more... Read more

Pedestrian Deaths Spike in Houston, Spurring Calls for Better Urban Planning

Pedestrians in Houston (Melissa Phillip / Houston Chronicle)
At least 71 pedestrians in Houston were killed by cars as of Oct. 31, according to Houston police – a tally already 31 percent higher than the total for all 2015, with two months still remaining. Urban planners say this year’s surge in deaths may be driven by millennials’ preference to walk and senior’s reliance on travel by foot. Advocates and planners said the city needs to work more on safe streets by building sidewalks, narrowing lanes, encouraging safe speeds... Read more
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