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Chesapeake Bay Foundation Introduces New Financing Tool for Clean Water Goals

​The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF), in partnership with Quantified Ventures and with support from The Kresge Foundation and others, is inviting municipalities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia to participate in a pilot project to implement natural solutions that reduce urban/suburban runoff that damages local rivers, streams, and the Chesapeake Bay. The application deadline is October 31. Learn more and apply  ... Read more

Cities Incentivizing Greener Infrastructure to Better Manage Water

​Cities like Philadelphia and New Orleans have created financial incentives for commercial landowners to invest in green infrastructure to better manage stormwater. By investing in green roofs or building planters in once uninterrupted surface parking lots, landowners lower their monthly stormwater fees. Cities have also restructured their zoning codes to make green design elements a requirement for all commercial development over a certain size, and they are also greening public infrastructure. Read more... Read more

How Greening Our Streets Can Also Make Them More Resilient to Extreme Weather

​In the twenty-first century, our most important public spaces need to be not only complete, hospitable and beautiful but also green in an ecological sense. They need to be places of resilience where nature is respected. Read more... Read more