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Incorporating Climate Adaptation Into Natural Hazards Mitigation Planning

​The natural hazards mitigation plan can provide a structured format for addressing effects of climate change within existing planning efforts and provide a starting point for connecting to other planning mechanisms. FEMA’s webinar will explore the potential of the plan and the planning process for addressing climate science and adaptation options. Learn more and register  ... Read more

U.S. Cities Increasingly Focused on Resilience, but Funding Challenges Persist

​The increased emphasis being placed by cities on embedding resilience into their land use and development policies was the topic of the 2017 Resilient Cities Summit. The consensus of the participants is that the most effective plans going forward will emphasize public/private initiatives and encourage greater collaboration with the real estate industry. They also emphasized the need for more funding sources. Read more... Read more

Naturally Resilient Communities: Rethinking Flood Protection through Nature-based Solutions

​NACo and other key partners have collaborated to develop the Naturally Resilient Communities online guide tool to promote the role that nature-based solutions can play in helping reduce flood risk for communities, while also providing other benefits such as improved water quality, enhanced recreational opportunities and wildlife habitats, and stronger, more resilient local economies. This educational webinar will walk attendees through this online tool and the specific solutions and community case studies it highlights. Register now... Read more

Hoboken Finalizes $30M Purchase of BASF Property, Site of New Resiliency Park

Plans are already underway to create a temporary 4-acre “pop-up” park on Hoboken’s newly purchased 6.1-acre BASF property, so that the community can start to enjoy the benefits of this historic acquisition by this summer. The site is also home to the planned Northwest Resiliency Park. The purchase of the park property is funded through a low-interest loan from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Fund Program, which includes 19 percent principal forgiveness for the green infrastructure components. Read more... Read more

What’s Atlantic City’s Plan to Deal with Flooding?

With Absecon Island sinking and sea levels rising, Atlantic City finds itself on the front lines in the battle against climate change. The city has big plans to address the issue, including a sea wall, a revived Baltic Avenue Canal and bulkheads along the back bay. The seaside gambling mecca, desperately trying to reinvent itself, sees flood resiliency as a possible economic driver. But the city faces unique challenges in dealing with flooding, since Atlantic City is broke and has... Read more

A Tax On Rising Sea Levels Is Making Waves In The San Francisco Bay

​Home to a population of about 7 million, the region surrounding San Francisco Bay is banding together in an unusual step to do something about sea level rise. In nine Bay Area counties, Tuesday’s ballot will include the Bay’s first regional tax —a $12 annual fee paid by every parcel property owner in these counties—and it would all go towards buffeting the area’s shoreline against coastal flooding, while restoring marshlands that clean pollutants from the Bay’s waters and provide habitat... Read more

Planning Framework for a Climate-Resilient Economy

​Even with tools to estimate a community’s climate vulnerability, it can be difficult to translate threats into an economic bottom line and identify ways to become more resilient. To address this, EPA created a framework to help communities assess their economic vulnerability to climate change and improve their economic resilience. The framework consists of five basic steps, and can be adapted and modified by communities anywhere in the country. Read report... Read more
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