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Why Sacramento Plans to Demolish and Replace an Entire Neighborhood

​Sacramento’s Twin Rivers housing project has long been one of the city’s most isolated neighborhoods; that is about to change. The city’s redevelopment agency and a national developer plan to tear down the entire community and its 218 outdated units and replace it with a denser, mixed-income urban village that will house many more people, not all of them poor. Read more... Read more

Balancing Nature and Commerce Workshop to Benefit Rural Revitalization

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia was once on a main thoroughfare for travelers going from Northwest Georgia to Tennessee. The route passed through Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park, the site of the Civil War Battle of Chickamauga, and the charming historic town at its gateway. The highway was rerouted in 1986 to bypass the battlefield, dramatically reducing the number of downtown visitors that had been driving the local economy. In 2011, eight agencies came together in hopes of changing Fort Oglethorpe’s downtown from... Read more

Freeway Fill-In Feeds Urban Revival

First completed in 1965, the Inner Loop of Rochester, New York, was designed to wrap around downtown. Combined with the rolling demolition of urban renewal, the Inner Loop served to lure and siphon residents out of the city center—and Rochester’s downtown population plummeted. In the past decade, however, downtown Rochester has staged a dramatic comeback. Read more... Read more

Reviving Economic Activity on Former Manufacturing Sites

Brownfields can be prime locations for new advanced manufacturing and maker movement innovation. Closed factories and industrial spaces are challenging assets to redevelop, but present opportunities. Through best practices and case studies, this free webinar from the Council of Development Finance Agencies will examine how various experienced entities have brought brownfield sites back into productive use. Register now... Read more

Boston Planners See a Greenway Where There’s a High-Traffic Road

​There’s a growing movement among planners and green space advocates to fulfill Olmsted’s vision by turning Columbia Road, a wide, heavily trafficked thoroughfare split by desolate concrete medians, into a greenway. Advocates see it as a way to bring green space and paths for walking and biking to a neighborhood that has long been neglected. And the city has tentatively embraced the idea, including Columbia Road in its larger ambition to add green corridors throughout the city. Read more... Read more

San Francisco Is Redesigning City Hall Plaza Into a Space for All

​San Francisco has planned a slate of new initiatives to transform UN and Civic Center Plazas, and the spaces between them, with inclusivity as a specific goal. Design alone cannot be expected to solve social problems, but thoughtful design can be a part of the solution. Read more... Read more
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