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Two Cities Will Get Chance to Raise Money for Green Infrastructure

​Last fall, the DC Water and Sewer Authority issued an Environmental Impact Bond or EIB. Investors put up $25 million to construct green infrastructure designed to mimic natural processes. Two more cities will soon issue EIBs for infrastructure projects. Which two cities exactly will be determined in a competition announced by Neighborly, a company with a platform that makes it easy for the public to invest directly in municipal bonds. Read more... Read more

Deconstruction Rapid Assessment Tool

The Deconstruction Rapid Assessment Tool from the Environmental Protection Agency enables organizations to triage building stock slated for demolition; it assembles data that can help prioritize structures for deconstruction and salvage. The assessment process identifies candidates for deconstruction by examining information on the building’s condition and salvageable material inventory. It considers factors that may affect the value of the building, such as age, structural integrity, valuable materials and architectural features and environmental hazards. Use the tool... Read more

Portland Promotes Deconstruction Over Demolition

When it comes to building materials, Portland doesn’t just want to promote recycling; the city is making efforts to mandate reduction and reuse. This summer, the city council unanimously passed an ordinance expected to triple the number of buildings that are manually deconstructed — rather than mechanically demolished — each year. Starting October 31, anyone seeking a demolition permit on a designated historic structure, or on a single-family home or duplex constructed in or before 1916 must manually deconstruct the... Read more