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City Launches New Savannah Shines Initiative

​The City of Savannah launched a new program Friday, they say will help improve the quality of life for their residents. The program called Savannah Shines is a multifaceted, coordinated approach to neighborhood revitalization. City leaders say Savannah Shines will focus on four things: Private and public property, public safety and community engagement. Read more... Read more

The Place Value Economy: The Role of Outdoor Recreation in Creating Great Places

​This Community Builders webinar will explore the role of outdoor recreation as a tool for improving quality of life and local economies. Following an introduction to the findings in their Place Value study, which examines the relationships between community amenities and economic activity, a panel will discuss strategies for leveraging outdoor recreation for economic development at the state and local level. Register now... Read more

Michigan Municipal League CEO Discusses Development Strategies to Enhance City Appeal

Dan Gilmartin, the executive director and CEO of the nonprofit Michigan Municipal League, spoke on urban development, aiming at educating students about placemaking, which is an economic strategy to boost city appeal by sponsoring events or creating interesting sites to attract a community. Examples of placemaking include areas like Campus Martius, a park between office buildings in downtown Detroit, and events that bring a community together like ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. Read more... Read more

Planning for Transportation Together: Collaborating to Address Transportation and Economic Resilience

Across the nation, state agencies and regional planning and development organizations are working together and with other partners to create jobs, improve access to employment, education, and essential services, and to advance quality of life in communities and regions. This report from the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) presents case studies that demonstrate how state agencies and regional planning and development organizations are working together on deliberate interventions to produce tangible benefits that are specific to the context, are... Read more

High-Traffic Arterial Roads Reduce Quality of Life, Even Blocks Away

A study from the University of Colorado Denver finds that living near a wide, high-traffic arterial can reduce residential satisfaction. The research is a repudiation of the suburban style of traffic calming, where cul-de-sacs and lack of through streets limit traffic on residential streets by diverting cars to major arterials. It turns out, pouring traffic onto inhospitable arterials negatively impacts nearby residential areas, too. Read more... Read more

Great Parks Are the Foundation of Great Cities

  In 2006, Miami-Dade Parks began updating its master plan, which was last revised in 1969 when land was cheap and suburban sprawl was the cornerstone of urban planning. Thirty-seven years later, Miami-Dade learned that challenges to residents’ quality of life — increased congestion; declining open spaces; visual blight; poverty; and obesity — required a new lens from which to view future development. Residents said they wanted a green community with more parks/public spaces, and more options for recreating, including... Read more
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