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How Uber Works Together With Southern California’s Growing Rail Network

​If you were in a dense urban area like Manhattan or central London, where stations can be found every few blocks, you probably walked there. On the other hand, if you started out in a suburban or rural area where the nearest station was a few miles away, you may have taken the bus to the station, driven to a park-and-ride lot, been dropped off by someone else, or even biked over. Uber’s Policy Research team is keenly interested in... Read more

More Transportation Choices, Better Health

An academic study shows that sustainable community design and transportation choice have a highly beneficial effect on public health. The study of 148 US metro areas on Commute Mode Diversity and Public Health is robust and broad, measuring 12 public health and quality of life indicators against commuting mode share. After adjusting for various demographic factors, the results indicate a positive relationship between higher mode share and public health outcomes. Read more... Read more

“Our Community CarShare Sacramento” Provides EVs to Affordable Housing Community

​Thanks to the support of the California Air Resources Board’s Cap and Trade program, the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, Zipcar and other partners, Sacramento-based nonprofit Mutual Housing California recently became the site of an electric car-sharing program for residents of one of their affordable housing communities. Read more... Read more

Planning the Transit Hubs of the Future

What does the train station of the future look like? It’s a question that architects and urban planners must at least try to answer whenever they design new transit networks or terminals.Railway stations of the past are often beautiful (and occasionally loathed), but in a world where transit patterns and technology change rapidly, time is not typically kind to these expensive and inflexible pieces of infrastructure. Read more... Read more

China’s ‘Dockless’ Bike Sharing Could be Coming to a Street Near You

Chinese companies are rolling into the U.K., the U.S. and beyond, aiming to supplement existing bikeshare programs with their fleets of colorful bikes that don’t need docking stations. ​These bikes can be locked and unlocked anywhere via a smartphone app, which means users don’t have to return them to designated stations. Read more... Read more

5 Tips for Mayors Looking to Build Better Public Transit

​A new report from TransitCenter, an NYC-based foundation dedicated to improving transit, outlines what’s worked for mayors and other city officials trying to improve public transportation, and offers advice for other cities that want to follow in their footsteps. While it serves more as a toolbox than a prescriptive guide, here are some of the main takeaways. Read more... Read more

Webinar: Building an Equitable Transportation System with Shared Mobility

Shared mobility holds enormous potential to help meet the mobility needs for underserved populations that are too often left behind in the planning process. Join the Shared-Use Mobility Center for a free webinar to learn how to use shared mobility to address these important mobility issues. Presenters will discuss emerging best practices that cities are using to help address transportation equity needs in their communities. The webinar will also cover ways that transportation and policy experts can use SUMC’s Shared... Read more

22nd National Conference on Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation

At this conference, workshops and panels address innovations in one of three areas: innovation in the customer experience, innovation in organizational and/or program sustainability, or innovation in economic development and community sustainability. Of particular interest for this conference within each of the routes are topics on mobility management, rural/community transportation, connecting communities through intercity bus service, national parks, tribal services, demographic, cultural and socio-economic changes in rural communities, and veterans’ transportation. October 2-5 in Asheville, North Carolina. Learn more... Read more

De Blasio Plans Ferry to Serve Gentrifying Brooklyn, Queens

Potential economic benefits of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plans to create a ferry service linking Manhattan with a string of fast-growing communities across the East River outweigh impacts from noise, engine exhaust and traffic. Still, the system’s success hinges on its ability to attract millions of passengers with a $6.60-per-ride subsidy that would become more expensive to taxpayers if it serves fewer riders than the mayor predicts. Read more... Read more
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