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Seattle Neighborhood Is Preparing Now for 2031 Light-Rail Station

​South Seattle’s Graham Street light-rail station should be completed by 2031. The agency is still many years from beginning construction on the site. But anticipating gentrification, a coalition of nonprofits and community groups called SouthCore is already working to shape land use around the future station to ensure current residents and businesses not only have a say in how their neighborhood changes, but also have an ownership stake. Read more... Read more

TOD Corridor Course – Sequencing for Implementation

​The Transit- oriented development (TOD) Corridor Course webinar series presents the concept of TOD and the different tools, concepts, and strategies used to apply TOD at the corridor level. Developed in partnership with the World Bank, this eight module course identifies TOD as a strategy for cities to become more sustainable, competitive, and socially inclusive. Learn more and register... Read more

Compromises Made, Portland Opens Ambitious Bikeway

L​ast week, the Portland Bureau of Transportation opened the $4.5 million, 9.1-mile “20s Bikeway.” The project combines neighborhood greenways, bike lanes and arterial crossings to create a rare north-south route through the entire city. PBOT Director Leah Treat says it is the largest bike project her agency has delivered all at once. Read more... Read more

How Transit Can Speed Houston’s Recovery

In Texas,​ waitlists for rental cars are vertiginously long, gas prices are spiking, and the 32,000 who escaped flooding in shelters are now fanning out to other forms of temporary housing. Many Houstonians are grappling with how they’ll get to their jobs, their shattered homes, and to their children’s schools, minus car keys. This is the time to get with METRO. Read more... Read more

Transforming Inner-Ring Suburbs with Walkable Mixed-Use Development

​Most of the United States remains a suburban nation, despite recent migration of jobs and population to the urban core. Yet the suburbs are also changing in cities such as Denver, where new transit lines and placemaking efforts around walkable mixed-use neighborhoods are creating communities more similar to the urban core. Read more... Read more
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