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FWS Coastal Program

​Fish and Wildlife Service announced funding to provide direct technical assistance and financial assistance to coastal communities and landowners to restore and protect fish and wildlife habitat on public and private lands. Projects should specify benefits for species and habitats considering the expected effects of climate change. FWS will favor conservation activities and projects that incorporate ecosystem adaptation and help coastal ecosystems and communities adapt to the effects of sea level rise and greenhouse gases. Applications due September 30. Learn... Read more

Route 66 Grant Program

This National Park Service program provides financial assistance in the form of competitive, cost-share grants for building, structures, road segments, and cultural landscapes along the length of the Route 66 corridor covering Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Cost-share grants are also available for planning, researching, and education initiatives related to the preservation of Route 66. Applications due April 3. Learn more and apply... Read more

USDA Commits $32 Million to Protect Natural Resources Through Joint Chiefs’ Partnership

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a new investment of $32 million to improve the health and resiliency of forest ecosystems where public forests and grasslands connect to privately-owned lands. Through the Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership, USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and the U.S. Forest Service will invest the new funds in fiscal year 2017 to add ten new projects and support 26 partnership projects already underway. Federal, state, and local partners will bring an additional $30... Read more

North Stars: Alaskan Roadhouses

Roadhouses are a great Alaska tradition. Starting around the turn of the last century, as gold rushers and other fortune seekers streamed into the state’s hinterlands, hundreds of roadhouses, ranging from ramshackle collections of tents to beautifully constructed log lodges, popped up to cater to their needs. Over the decades, many of Alaska’s roadhouses have burned down or crumbled under the harsh elements, but a disparate group of Alaskans are fighting to preserve the few that remain, running them as... Read more

Portland First in Nation to Mandate Deconstruction of Historic Homes

Effective October 31, any one or two-family home in Portland, Oregon, that was built in 1916 or earlier or is a designated historic resource cannot be demolished by the typical bulldozer process, but must be manually deconstructed and salvaged. In response to the demolition epidemic sweeping across Portland, the City convened a Deconstruction Advisory Group (DAG) to recommend a new policy for managed deconstruction. The goal was to create an incentive to reuse historic homes and reduce the environmental impact... Read more

DC Preservation Catalog Online

The DC Preservation Catalog is a database of assisted housing in the District of Columbia maintained by NeighborhoodInfo DC and the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development. The Catalog includes property names, locations, and data on the various subsidies that contribute to a property’s affordability, including each subsidy’s effective expiration dates and the number of income-restricted units. The Catalog is used to develop responses and strategies to preserve affordable housing for low-income residents. Go to resource... Read more

Preservation Technology and Training Grants

2017 Preservation Technology and Training Grants (PTT Grants) from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), the National Park Service’s innovation center for the preservation community, are intended to create better tools, materials and approaches to conserving buildings, landscapes, sites and collections. PTT Grants will support the following activities: Innovative research that develops new technologies or adapts existing technologies to preserve cultural resources, Specialized workshops or symposia that identify and address national preservation needs, How-to videos, mobile applications, podcasts,... Read more

Teaching Climate Change and Cultural Heritage in American Samoa

By Victoria Herrmann via Saving Places blog The edges of our country are eroding. From Alaska to Louisiana, centuries of culture, tangible history, and dynamic communities are being battered by stronger storms and sea level rise—raising difficult questions about adaptation, relocation, and what it means to be an American experiencing climate change today. Over the next year, Victoria Herrmann, a National Geographic Explorer will chronicle America’s Eroding Edges, helping you explore the challenges of all those facing the impacts of... Read more
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