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The AARP Pop-Up Demonstration Tool Kit

​Inspiring livability advancements are taking place in tiny villages, sprawling suburbs and large city centers. But permanent, large-scale changes can be difficult to launch. That’s why pop-up demonstration projects — temporary bike lanes, protected intersections, crosswalks, parklets, sidewalk cafes, plazas, benches, street trees and more — are such valuable tools. When it’s possible to illustrate a new idea through the temporary pop-up installation or demonstration, a proposal or desired enhancement can be more quickly understood, supported and achieved. The AARP... Read more

Burlington to Test Pop-Up Planning Model this Weekend

​Burlington, Vermont, will experiment with a new urban planning concept this weekend in which transportation projects debut for a short period of time as a sort of test run. Among other things, the city will set up a series of so-called pop-up projects, including one that will create temporary buffered bicycle lanes in a section of the North End. Such projects are seen as an alternative to traditional transportation infrastructure projects that can take years to plan and execute. Read... Read more