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2017 Louisiana Smart Growth Summit

​Join this Summit to learn about dialogue on innovative planning and exploring models for creating healthier and more resilient communities, making our streets safer while expanding transportation options, as well as examining the real estate market and development trends, and the important role of policymaking and leadership. There is a fee. Registration Deadline October 27. Learn more and register... Read more

Using Health Impact Assessment to Improve Our Communities

The use of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) has grown substantially over the past decade, with much of the practice taking place in response to proposed policies and projects in the fields of urban planning and transportation. Join us for a comprehensive review of how HIA has been used in planning, and how you could apply principles of the practice in your everyday work. Eligible for 1.5 AICP Credits Learn more and register... Read more

2017 Built Environment Symposium

​Science informs us that our perceptual engagement with the environment, including the built environment, is enacted at the most basic level as a multisensory “whole-organism experience.” This symposium, hosted by the Driehaus Foundation, will explore the inevitable shift of perspective from the “object” of design to the “experience” of those inhabiting the built forms, and consider the implications for the practice of architecture. It will be hosted at The University Club of Chicago. Registration opens August 17. Learn more... Read more

Buffalo Centers Revitalization Dreams on Waterfront

​ Tree-lined streets, solid housing stock, a renewed interest in pedestrian and bicycle transportation, investments in people and buildings, and an enthusiasm for the future make “The City of Good Neighbors” a city to watch. Although a shrinking city — Buffalo reminds us that legacy cities are too valuable to pass by. Read more... Read more
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