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Downtown Missoula’s Parking Puzzle

Free parking at homes, malls, grocery stores, parking garages are causing Americans to become far too dependent on cars, while also wasting space and increasing emissions outputs. Missoula, Montana’s Parking Commission Director Rod Austin, is focused on limiting parking and depending on public transportation. Read more... Read more

Rating Green Space by Tranquility could Mean Higher Quality Developments

A scientific tool to measure the tranquility of urban environments and public spaces could lead to the creation of better green space in developments, according to its creators. Lead researcher Professor Greg Watts from the UK’s University of Bradford said the Tranquillity Rating Prediction Tool (TRAPT) tool could help planners, architects and environmentalists understand the impact of greening measures like trees, hedges or additional vegetation on urban spaces. Read more... Read more

Nearby Nature for Human Health: Sites to Systems

​​While many cities have created rich systems of public parks, presenting residents with ample opportunity to linger in nature, the same cannot be said for all urban settings. That need not be the case. In the report, “Nearby Nature for Human Health: Sites to Systems,” the authors provide a “how to” on creating systems of linked parks and open spaces that can become health support systems, offering opportunities for city residents to be outdoors in pleasant environments. Read report... Read more

A Smart Investment for America’s Health: The Land and Water Conservation Fund

​City Parks Alliance has released a new report, “A Smart Investment for America’s Health: The Land and Water Conservation Fund,” that provides an overview of the physical, mental and environmental health benefits provided by urban parks and highlights the important role that LWCF plays in supporting strong, healthy communities across America. Learn more... Read more

Two Parks Tapped for ULI’s Urban Open Space Award

Two urban parks—one in Oklahoma City, the other in Foshan, China—have been selected as winners of this year’s Urban Land Institute Urban Open Space Award. Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City and Thousand Lantern Lake Park System in Foshan, Guangdong, China, were honored at the ULI Fall Meeting in San Francisco. The annual award recognizes outstanding examples of successful large- and small-scale public spaces that have socially enriched and revitalized the economy of their surrounding communities. Read more... Read more

Which Comes First, the Park or the People?

​ While a number of big-city mayors and even a governor have endorsed the goal of providing parks or other open spaces within a ten-minute walk of residents, adding enough parks to serve all 249 million people living in U.S. cities, suburbs, and urbanized areas will be a challenge. Here’s another approach to providing Americans with a nearby park: bringing more dwellings to the periphery of existing parks to increase density on their edges. The concept of park-oriented development is... Read more
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