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Urban Farms Could Replace Blighted Lots in Cincinnati

Vacant homes and abandoned lots could soon make way for urban farmland under a new pilot being considered by the Cincinnati City Council. Rather than it being a burden on the city to have to pay to maintain vacant spots … give them to somebody that will maintain them and plant some fruits and vegetables. Read more... Read more

Historic Tax Credits Bring Jobs, People to Downtown Cleveland

​ In 2016, few places commanded the national and international spotlights as much as Cleveland – as host to the NBA championship series, the Republican National Convention and finally, the World Series. In addition to these moments, Cleveland has quietly been crafting another story to tell – the resurgence of its central business district. Much of the credit for the office-to-residential conversion in Cleveland’s central business district, goes to the strategic use of federal and state historic preservation tax credit... Read more

Akron Hopes Branding its Neighborhoods Will Help City Grow

Akron wants to add residents, in part by branding and promoting neighborhoods based on unique history or culture. The Planning to Grow Akron report brainstorms how to combat the city’s shrinking population and tax base by boosting marketable housing to attract people with middle-to-high incomes. Read more... Read more
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