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City Wants to Turn Parking Lots into Solar-Power Plants

The Department of Parks and Recreation owns or operates 333 parking lots and has identified 40 that could host canopies topped with solar panels, along with charging stations for electric vehicles, self-powered streetlights and underground reservoirs to catch rainwater that would otherwise flow into the overburdened sewer system. Read more... Read more

City Parks Welcoming Their Neighbors

Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is working with the communities who live around the park’s northeast border to find out what kind of space they would be most excited to use, in continuation of developing a welcoming environment. Included in this population are immigrants, particularly those from the Caribbean and Latin America. Hester Street Collaborative, a nonprofit that specializes in connecting with communities who aren’t likely to be plugged in via traditional channels such as mailing lists, is helping the Alliance gather diverse... Read more

Freeway Fill-In Feeds Urban Revival

First completed in 1965, the Inner Loop of Rochester, New York, was designed to wrap around downtown. Combined with the rolling demolition of urban renewal, the Inner Loop served to lure and siphon residents out of the city center—and Rochester’s downtown population plummeted. In the past decade, however, downtown Rochester has staged a dramatic comeback. Read more... Read more

How to Create Successful Markets

“How to Create Successful Markets” is a two-day training course where participants learn the essentials for creating a thriving public market that is economically sustainable, maximizes community benefits and contributes to the creation of public places that attract a broad diversity of people. Participants will learn the essentials for creating an extraordinary public market during work sessions and on-site tours of New York City’s thriving open-air and indoor public markets. Learn more and register... Read more

Making Sense of Place: Place Theory and Placemaking in Practice

Pratt Institute Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment proudly presents this one-day symposium to discuss current theory and practices in placemaking. Participants include the foremost thinkers and theorists on “place” and the leading practitioners of urban placemaking. Supported by Pratt Institute’s Urban Placemaking and Management program, the symposium seeks to unite the academic world of place theory with the practical work of urban placemakers. Register now... Read more

Highlands Conservation Act Grant Program

​ The Highlands Conservation Act is designed to assist Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania in conserving land and natural resources in the Highlands Region through Federal assistance for land conservation projects in which a State entity acquires land or an interest in land from a willing seller to permanently protect resources of high conservation value. Applications due July 9. Learn more and apply... Read more
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