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Small Cities With Big-City Infrastructure Problems: Case Studies in Stormwater Innovation

​This New Jersey Future report offers general insights, lessons learned and recommendations applicable to anyone interested in helping small cities address big infrastructure challenges. An associated field guide is also included to inspire other local officials struggling to address CSO challenges. The guide includes a discussion aid to help local officials explore integrated infrastructure solutions, identify nontraditional funding/financing resources and outline implementation steps. Learn more... Read more

Hoboken Finalizes $30M Purchase of BASF Property, Site of New Resiliency Park

Plans are already underway to create a temporary 4-acre “pop-up” park on Hoboken’s newly purchased 6.1-acre BASF property, so that the community can start to enjoy the benefits of this historic acquisition by this summer. The site is also home to the planned Northwest Resiliency Park. The purchase of the park property is funded through a low-interest loan from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Fund Program, which includes 19 percent principal forgiveness for the green infrastructure components. Read more... Read more

Land Overlooking Great Falls is Preserved

Once slated for a large housing complex, an area overlooking the Great Falls in Paterson, New Jersey, will instead be preserved under a $5.7 million open space purchase. The purchase is among the first wave of land acquisitions under the newly restored Green Acres program, which had been without a dedicated funding source for years. That changed in 2014 when voters approved a constitutional amendment that provided corporate tax money for open space purchases. Read more... Read more

Walkable, Urban Neighborhoods Are Transforming How We Live in NJ

While the demand for walkable, urban neighborhoods grows, the skyrocketing rents of New York City and New Jersey’s “Gold Coast” locales are prohibitive for many renters. Even those who have spent years residing in these markets face a difficult proposition when major life events — such as marriage, the birth of a child, a desire to be closer to family — conflict with their ability to remain in their costly urban climes. New Jersey — with an extensive network commuter... Read more

Attempts to Rescue a Jersey Shore Landmark

Hidden in the shadow of the Highlands Bridge, the average beachgoer might be surprised to know they drive by one of the oldest houses on the Jersey Shore on the way to Sandy Hook. The William Sandlass House was part of a day-trip complex, which opened in 1888 as the “Highland Beach Excursion Resort,” the great-grandfather to the modern-day beach trip those in the tristate area have come to cherish. The Jersey Coast Heritage Museum sees the building as a... Read more

What’s Atlantic City’s Plan to Deal with Flooding?

With Absecon Island sinking and sea levels rising, Atlantic City finds itself on the front lines in the battle against climate change. The city has big plans to address the issue, including a sea wall, a revived Baltic Avenue Canal and bulkheads along the back bay. The seaside gambling mecca, desperately trying to reinvent itself, sees flood resiliency as a possible economic driver. But the city faces unique challenges in dealing with flooding, since Atlantic City is broke and has... Read more

New Jersey Pinelands Reserve

New Jersey Pinelands Reserve Principle: Preserve Open Space, Farmland, Natural Beauty, and Critical Environmental Areas In a nutshell: New Jersey has the highest population density of any state: almost 1,200 persons per square mile in 2010.  Even so, about one million acres are designated for preservation and protection in the New Jersey Pinelands. In 1978 the U.S. Congress recognized the Pinelands’ significant ecological, natural, cultural, recreational, educational, agricultural and health benefits and created the 1.1 million acre New Jersey Pinelands National... Read more
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