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Nashville Mayor Wants Quick Fixes for Transportation Woes

Nashville’s population is booming, and all that growth is putting a serious strain on Nashville’s formerly free-flowing streets. In an effort to make good on campaign promises to improve transportation, Mayor Megan Barry released an action agenda in late May outlining projects she wants to accomplish in her first term in office. Moving the Music City includes plans for improving bus frequency, building bike infrastructure, sidewalks and crosswalks, and implementing Vision Zero strategies. Read more... Read more

How Transit-Oriented Development Can Provide Affordable Housing in Nashville

​ Nashville is growing by 100 new residents each day, crowding highways and housing markets. Concerns over affordable housing and transportation are at an all-time high. Fortunately, both housing and transportation are central components of NashvilleNext, the city government’s future development plan. Plentiful housing and a modern, high-volume transit represent two of the plan’s seven intersecting elements for comprehensively reshaping the city. Read more... Read more

A Recipe for Award-Winning Online Community Engagement

​This webinar from MetroQuest and the American Planning Association will present proven best practices, research findings, practical tips and award-winning case studies to guide agencies towards the successful application of online community engagement for planning projects. Participants will walk away with an understanding about how to leverage digital citizen engagement to achieve unprecedented results using cost-effective tools. Special guests from the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority will be online to talk about the nMotion, one of the most innovative and successful... Read more

Nashville Is Ready to Embrace Transit

​Nashville seems poised to do something about its car dependence. Regional planners have put together a $6 billion transit expansion plan that calls for four light rail lines, three bus rapid transit routes, a commuter rail connection, and more. Meanwhile, a bill backed by the governor has been advancing in the statehouse to allow both a statewide gas tax increase and local transit referendums. It looks like a referendum in Nashville would fare well. Read more... Read more

Webinar: How to Retain Maker and Manufacturing Industries with Creative Zoning Tools

As manufacturing space is threatened by residential, commercial, and retail uses, cities are starting to think creatively about where small-batch production can happen in a city. Learn about new or proposed zoning initiatives in Somerville, Nashville, and Indianapolis that are helping makers and manufacturers protect real estate space they currently occupy or can move to in the future. Register now... Read more

Nashville Affordable Housing Advocates Score Two Victories

Nashville’s Metro Council approved two proposals aimed at creating more affordable housing in Davidson County. The first piece of legislation is a new three-year pilot program for residential developers to compete for $2 million in grants to build affordably housing. The second bill centers around inclusionary zoning, and requires apartment developers in Nashville who are building five or more units to include a percentage of new affordable or workforce housing units when requesting zoning variances for density or height. Read... Read more

Amazing Place: Six Cities Using the New Recipe for Economic Development

​This Smart Growth America report looks at how six cities are using smart growth and placemaking strategies to gain a competitive edge. Case study examples – Boise, ID; Denver, CO; Greenville, SC; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; and Pittsburgh, PA – represent a diversity of geographies, locations, population sizes, industries, and development challenges, but all of these cities are using smart growth development to attract new companies and residents. Read report Watch the recording of the webinar to learn more and get... Read more

Webinar: A Recipe for Award-Winning Online Community Engagement, May 10 or 11

​This highly visual 45-minute webinar will present proven best practices, practical tips and award-winning case studies to guide agencies towards successful application of online community engagement for planning projects. Participants will walk away with an understanding about how to leverage digital engagement to achieve unprecedented results using cost effective tools. NashvilleNext will talk about the innovative ways they combined online and face to face engagement to involve over 5,000 community members in the creation of a comprehensive plan for Nashville,... Read more

Micro-Apartments Could Be Key to Affordable, Healthy Downtown Nashville

​For a growing sector of Nashville’s population, downtown is a desirable place to live — if one can afford it. Young professionals often seek to live downtown, but find conventionally sized condominiums or apartments unaffordable due to core land costs. Micro-unit housing addresses that equation. Read more... Read more

The Secret to Nashville’s Music Economy

​Daniel B. Cornfield’s new book, Beyond the Beat: Musicians Building Community in Nashville, provides important new insight into Nashville’s music scene and broader clues to the city and region’s economic success. Richard Florida interviewed Cornfield to dissect the rise of this activist, inclusive, place-based artistic community. Read more... Read more
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