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Understanding the Small and Medium Multifamily Housing Stock

​Researchers at Enterprise Community Foundation and the University of Southern California found that small and medium multifamily housing provides 54 percent of the U.S.’s rental housing stock and is home to a majority of low-income households. Located in all types of communities, these properties include more than one in three homes in central cities and more than in one in five suburban homes. This report concludes that policymakers should support the development of financial tools to preserve this type of... Read more

Multifamily Housing Developments with Retail Reduce Traffic, Increase Tax Revenue for Cities

As the Charleston metro region grapples with explosive population growth, one expert warns that policies limiting denser housing developments could hinder efforts to create more affordable housing. The South Carolina Community Loan Fund tends to support high density developments, simply because it provides more bang for the buck. Overall, the projects are less expensive to develop, and they provide a better range of housing opportunities for various level of income people. Read more... Read more

Small-Scale Strategies Promote Affordable Renting in Connecticut

​The continued viability and affordability of small multifamily properties may be one of the keys to income integration in the suburbs, rural communities, and even some urban neighborhoods. Yet small apartment buildings are often overlooked or underserved by housing policy and traditional housing and commercial real estate finance mechanisms. Because this housing type is so prevalent in New England and important in the state’s housing stock, the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) has created a three-pronged program to address rental... Read more

Preserving Multifamily Workforce and Affordable Housing: New Approaches for Investing in a Vital National Asset

​The report from the Urban Land Institute and Neighbor Works America, Preserving Multifamily Workforce and Affordable Housing: New Approaches for Investing in a Vital National Asset, profiles 16 leading efforts. Collectively, they have raised more than $2 billion and acquired, rehabilitated and developed nearly 60,000 units. These vehicles are meeting a pressing social need while delivering cash-on-cash returns to equity investors ranging from 6 to 12 percent. They include: Below-Market Debt Funds, Private Equity Vehicles and Real Estate Investment Trusts... Read more