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St. Louis Tears Down Abandoned Homes to Absorb Rainfall

​About 1,000 of St. Louis’ delinquent properties are expected to face the wrecking ball to create more green space to absorb rainfall. The move will help the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District comply with a court order to cut sewer overflows. Doing so means the sewer district must reduce rooftops and pavement in areas where rain overwhelms its system. Read more... Read more

2017 New Partners For Smart Growth Conference

The New Partners Conference will draw a national audience of people from diverse disciplines, all committed to building safer, healthier and more livable communities everywhere. The theme for the 2017 conference is “Practical Tools and Innovative Strategies for Creating Great Communities,” underscoring a stronger emphasis on implementation tools and strategies, and new technologies that will help communities now. February 2-4 in St. Louis, Missouri. Learn more and register... Read more

Kansas City Unveils a Streets Plan That Puts Walking First

The $800 million infrastructure bond going before Kansas City voters in April could prove enormously beneficial for walkability in this sprawling Midwestern city. The city has unveiled its plans for the money and, rather than widening roads, it puts investments in sidewalks, bike lanes, and accessibility improvements for people with disabilities. Read more... Read more

Can Spending Money on Trails and Density Grow Tech Jobs in St. Louis County?

The amenities and density that often help attract a highly educated workforce are somewhat lacking in a suburb developed when planners thought of little more than accommodating cars. Now, area leaders are planning trails and connections to food and entertainment, attributes many believe are necessary to continue attracting the top-notch scientific talent that drives biotech investment. Read more... Read more

Building the Case for Green Infrastructure: Outreach and Education

Designing, implementing, and maintaining green infrastructure at the local level requires support and participation from the community. This EPA webcast will address strategies and lessons learned from two dynamic outreach and education programs. Madison Quinn from Onondaga County, NY, will present on the Save the Rain program. Mike Heimos from Columbia, MO, will present on the Stormwater Utility Education Program. Register now... Read more

ICMA Annual Conference

The tools, tips, information, and resources you pick up at the ICMA Annual Conference are more important than ever. In addition to daily keynote sessions, educational and Solutions Track sessions, roundtable discussions, ICMA University workshops and forums, field demonstrations, and technology demonstrations, the conference will offer opportunities to help fulfill your commitment to career-long learning. Learn more and register... Read more

Study: Is St. Louis Making the Best Use of Economic Tax Incentives?

The St. Louis Development Corporation commissioned a study last year looking at its use of economic development incentives. It found that over a 15-year period, the city spent $709 million with its two major incentives, tax increment financing and tax abatement. The big take-away was that two-thirds of those incentives were spent in a handful of neighborhoods. Read more... Read more

Springfield Recognized For Turning Brownfields Green

​ Springfield, Missouri, is being recognized for effectively cleaning and redeveloping previously polluted land through the EPA’s Brownfields program. The city used $7 million in grants and assistance from the EPA, received over a 17-year period, to influence developments that are now worth more than 20 times the initial investment. Read more... Read more
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