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The Train Line That Brought the Twin Cities Back Together

Less than three years since the Green Line opened, it has smashed ridership forecasts by almost 50 percent and helped to revitalize stretches of University Avenue, an aging, formerly car-dominated thoroughfare, as new businesses open near the stations and longtime businesses attract new customers. Transit-dependent low-income and working-class people are commuting to jobs across the metro area, while new housing for professionals is springing up in an old industrial area. And the Twin Cities aren’t done. Read more... Read more

Fighting NIMBY To Fill A Need

As one might imagine, breathing new life into a 136-year-old manufacturing plant is a task fraught with problems. As Minneapolis’s A-Mill Artist Lofts, a finalist in the National Association of Home Builders’ Pillars of the Industry Award proves, when you add in affordable housing as the goal of the project, the complications mount, especially if that old factory is now in an upscale part of town. Read more... Read more

These Neighbors Got Tired of Waiting for Traditional Developers

While the Twin Cities continue to grapple with longstanding racial inequity, one working-class community has figured out a way to take back some control of their local economy. And their real estate investment cooperative, with some tweaks, could serve as a model for overcoming even greater economic marginalization. Read more... Read more

National League of Cities Launches First-Ever Equitable Economic Development Fellowship

​The National League of Cities (NLC), PolicyLink and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) are launching the first-ever Equitable Economic Development Fellowship, a two-year, $1 million effort to help equity, transparency, sustainability and community engagement become driving forces in local economic development. Six cities were chosen to participate in the inaugural year of the fellowship: Boston, Charlotte, Houston, Memphis, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Read more... Read more

Amazing Place: Six Cities Using the New Recipe for Economic Development

​This Smart Growth America report looks at how six cities are using smart growth and placemaking strategies to gain a competitive edge. Case study examples – Boise, ID; Denver, CO; Greenville, SC; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; and Pittsburgh, PA – represent a diversity of geographies, locations, population sizes, industries, and development challenges, but all of these cities are using smart growth development to attract new companies and residents. Read report Watch the recording of the webinar to learn more and get... Read more

Five New Cities to Receive Southwest Airlines Heart of the Community Grant

​In partnership with the Project for Public Spaces, each year Southwest Airlines brings placemaking to the cities they serve through this innovative grant program, which highlights the importance of place and encourages communities to take an active part in creating and transforming the public spaces that they love. Selected from a highly competitive pool of over 90 applicants from 60 cities, 2016’s five grant recipients are Atlanta, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Los Angeles. Read more... Read more
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