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Smart Growth in the Midwest: An Overview of Policies and Practice

Is “Smart Growth” a relevant term in the Midwest? How has the concept influenced planning and development in the America’s heartland, and how do current practices compare to notions of smart growth as established by the American Planning Association and the experience of planners in other parts of the country? This webinar will explore these questions through the lens of consultant planners working in rural and urban communities across Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. In this Smart Growth Network webinar, Jason... Read more

2017 New Partners For Smart Growth Conference

The New Partners Conference will draw a national audience of people from diverse disciplines, all committed to building safer, healthier and more livable communities everywhere. The theme for the 2017 conference is “Practical Tools and Innovative Strategies for Creating Great Communities,” underscoring a stronger emphasis on implementation tools and strategies, and new technologies that will help communities now. February 2-4 in St. Louis, Missouri. Learn more and register... Read more

Remaking the Midwest: Mixed Use and the Rise of 18-Hour Cities

​Point to any major metropolitan area in the Midwest from Cleveland to Milwaukee and they all have something in common—a surge in urban revitalization. A recent study on the “Resurgence in Midwest Secondary Markets” released by CBRE highlights the push by cities to build stronger, more resilient communities. The building boom underway is being fueled by three fundamental factors—people, place, and profit. Read more... Read more

Reinvention in the Rust Belt

Industrial cities must reinvent themselves to survive. Suggestions from Bruce Katz, Vice President and Director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution, are almost a return to fundamentals: they have to use their geographical advantages (meaning, these days, tourism and logistics rather than geology) and build as much as possible on “anchor” institutions such as universities and hospitals. What they must not do is distract themselves by constructing an enormous stadium or a theme park that may turn... Read more