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Towson High Student Boosts Traffic Calming Effort Near School

Towson High School (Larry / Flickr)
At least four traffic-calming speed humps will be installed on Aigburth Road in Towson, Maryland this spring, in large part due to the effort of one Towson High School sophomore, who gave the project a much-needed push forward out of a sense of civic duty. The student walks to school, as do many of her classmates, and the speed of traffic moving along Aigburth, which runs past a rear parking lot and entrance to the school, struck her as dangerous.... Read more

Baltimore Hopes to Create Model for Safe DIY Artist Spaces

Outside Baltimore's Bell Foundry artist live/work space (Baltimore Sun)
Baltimore’s Bell Foundry, a two-story theater, art venue and live-work space, was shuttered the week after the fire in Oakland claimed the lives of 36 people. Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh soon after created a task force to create a network of safe and affordable spaces for Baltimore’s artists. The task force has moved forward quickly, creating three working groups to identify artists’ space needs, study code and regulatory issues, and come up with creative financing options for new development. Read... Read more

Suburbs Increasingly View Their Auto-Centric Sprawl as a Health Hazard

Traffic congestion in Bethesda, Maryland (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)
Planners in Prince George’s County have talked for years about reshaping communities to help residents fetch a gallon of milk via a walk or bicycle ride, rather than add to stifling traffic congestion by having to drive. But planners say they’re increasingly treating the Maryland county’s low-density, auto-dependent design as more than a traffic problem. More often, they say, they’re considering sprawl a health hazard. Read more... Read more

Frederick Looks to Make Itself More Walkable

Frederick, Maryland (Source: pmprent.com)
Foot traffic has long been important to shops and retailers in downtown Frederick, Maryland, but the city is making efforts to get people walking in other areas, as well. The sustainability plan Frederick passed in July calls for a complete streets policy, creating streets that “are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities.” Read more... Read more

Baltimore County, Maryland, Resource Conservation Zoning and Urban-Rural Demarcation Line

baltimore-county-farm-Beau Considine-Flickr-square
Baltimore County, Maryland, Resource Conservation Zoning and Urban-Rural Demarcation Line Principle: Preserve Open Space, Farmland, Natural Beauty, and Critical Environmental Areas In a nutshell:  Located in central Maryland, Baltimore County started to experience development pressure in the mid-twentieth century. In response, the county in 1967 established its Urban-Rural Demarcation Line (URDL), which distinguishes between areas served by public water and sewer (or planned for service) from those not planned for service. Coupled with protective resource conservation (RC) zoning, the URDL... Read more
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