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The Map for Baltimore’s New Bus System is Positively Radiant

​Baltimore will soon be the latest American city to overhaul its bus network in an attempt to jumpstart ridership. The plan, known as “BaltimoreLink,” will go into effect on June 18. The core of the BaltimoreLink plan is a dozen color-coded, high-frequency routes known as CityLink lines. They’ll run 24 hours a day along Baltimore’s downtown grid and then radiate out of the city in every direction, complimented by less frequent local and express lines. Read more... Read more

Could a Subtle Tweak to Metro’s Map Fix Overcrowding on the Blue Line?

With Metro’s most recent SafeTrack shutdown, Northern Virginia riders are finally doing the thing that Metro has been asking them to do for years: They’re switching from the historically overcrowded Blue Line to roomier Yellow Line trains. But will these riders stick with their new commuting routes? One urban planner thinks a tweak could help. Read more... Read more

New Map Shows Which Cities Are Changing Rules About Parking

​A new crowdsourced map demonstrates nationwide pushback against minimums with pins resembling tiny hot air balloons. Its pins fall into three color-coded categories: green, meaning parking minimums have been eliminated in at least one part of the city; blue, meaning minimums have been lowered; and orange, meaning leaders are “currently discussing their parking minimum laws.” Read more... Read more

Transportation and Health Tool

​The Transportation and Health Tool (THT) was developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide easy access to data that practitioners can use to examine the health impacts of transportation systems. The tool provides data on a set of transportation and public health indicators for each U.S. state and metropolitan area that describe how the transportation environment affects safety, active transportation, air quality and connectivity to destinations. Use the tool... Read more

Here’s How the Federal Government is Working with Local Communities to Create Change, in One Map

​The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) created a map that displays the federal government’s work in local communities across the country. The map shows projects from more than 15 federal agencies. View map... Read more

ESRI Health and Human Services GIS Conference, Sept. 14-16

​Where someone lives, works, and plays has an enormous impact on their well-being. At the Esri Health and Human Services GIS Conference, you’ll get a new perspective on the world of health by exploring the power of place. Connect with leaders from across the industry to see how intelligent maps and analysis can help you eliminate disparities, drive more informed decision-making, and transform the health of your community. September 14-16 in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more and register... Read more

New Map Tool Can Serve as Gentrification Warning System

​The Urban Displacement Project maps, released this week, are the result of nearly two years of regional demographic data analysis and in-depth case studies of nine Bay Area communities. The interactive map uses data from the U.S. Census, American Community Survey and others to visualize changes over time, revealing factors like employment density, percentage of renter households, non-white population and change in college-educated adult population. Read more... Read more
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