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These 5 Neighborhood Maps Show Roots of Gentrification

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition has introduced a new mapping tool that illuminates the consequences of the most important history underlying cities in the U.S. today: the history of redlining. The tool layers data on current income status and minority population on top of maps created using data from the historical redlining maps that were digitized earlier this year by researchers at the University of Richmond. Learn more... Read more

Denver and Philly Ask Residents: How Do Our Streets Work for You?

N​obody knows the ins and outs of a neighborhood better than the people who live there. Vision Zero planning in Denver and Philadelphia is taking that into account. They’re two of the latest U.S. cities to embrace Vision Zero, by aiming to prevent (or, bring to zero) traffic-related fatalities. Now, as the cities work to sift through the data necessary to shape their targeted infrastructure, enforcement and outreach plans, they’ve both turned to crowdsourcing to capture community concerns about dangerous... Read more

If You Build It, Will They Have to Leave?

A team of researchers at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs has created an interactive mapping tool to help community leaders better understand the effects of new light-rail and subway projects and related developments — especially on low-income communities. Researchers view the project as a resource to help communities and policymakers identify the pressures associated with development and figure out how to take more effective action to ensure that new construction isn’t always accompanied by current residents being priced... Read more

Green Infrastructure Mapping Guide

​The Green Infrastructure Mapping Guide shows spatial analysts how to incorporate green infrastructure strategies into their GIS work. This online guide offers a GIS work plan and easy access to examples, process guidance, case studies, and templates. Learn more... Read more

This Mapping App Is Designed for Urban Wanderers

The Likeways app reclaims urban walking from the realm of necessary drudgery and frames it as an enjoyable activity in and of itself. Likeways is an ode to the side street. It forgoes typical directions and leads users off the beaten path, where they might stumble upon a café or a gallery hiding out in an alley, just a minute away from the hectic swarm of the purely practical route. Read more... Read more